Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Multiple UFO Sightings

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     In the fall 2005 I saw a translucent very large triangle (cloud level) above my house in Melvindale, MI. The triangle was turned on its side (the underside was visible?) and it had light gray rectangles along its outer edge while the rest of the craft was a transparent milky color (the outline was still visible). The size was about 1/3 an IMAX movie screen.

The craft was stationary and made no sound. The night was partly cloudy and no lights were seen on the craft. I don't remember being scared just puzzled and amazed seeing such a strange craft. Whether any time loss was experienced - don't know?

In the spring 2006 I saw a disc (size of a baseball at arms length) which had a black outline in the clear night sky and showed two red lights around its perimeter when it dipped toward me. When the disk resumed a horizontal plane a white light flashed to one side (this tipping scenario and white flashing light happened twice). This sighting was at my work parking lot in Redford, MI ~ 10PM (no one else around).

In the summer of (July) 2006 my daughter and I saw two silver ovals materialize 90 degrees over head in a clear sky in our backyard. The ovals were silver dollar size at arms length and had no lights. The ovals started very close together and angled apart E / SE (toward Fermi nuclear power plant?).

My daughter was startled and I was just happy for a fellow witness of such an event. Although my daughter had her own UFO sighting in the summer 2004 in Green Oaks TWP at my sisters house during a sleep over very early in the morning: a silver sphere (size of a 45 lb Olympic weight) that had green lights all around the circumference.

In the fall of 2006 I saw a bright light sphere (quarter at arms length) materialize 90 degrees above in a clear night sky and slowly accelerate 30 degrees, disappear, than re-appear the same place and repeat the slow to fast trek (twice)!

Next I saw what looked like a swarm of these spheres (though not as bright) circling the night sky like bees in a wide arc (city block). The sighting was so strange that I said "this is too weird" and walked back into my house. To this day my hair stands on end remembering this event.

In summer 2008 have seen star sized lights transverse the clear night sky (my backyard):
1. June 24 12:30 AM 15 degree arc (90 degrees above) slow moving S / SE {ISS visible too}

2. June 25 12:10 AM 10 degree arc (90 degrees above) slow moving S / SE {ISS visible too}

3. Aug 07 04:25 AM 60 degree arc (80 degrees above) slow moving N / NE {no satellites}

Sorry about no video - when funds permit will capture events for scientific study.

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