Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Metallic Sphere Cruising 'Low 'n' Slow in Holland

UFO Over Holland
Reader Submitted Report

     My name is Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, I’m from Holland. I am 36 years old. In my profession I am a Sr Business Intelligence Analyst. I´m happily married and a father of a 4 yr old daughter.

I would like to share my 2 sightings with you.

1.I was standing in my backyard, looking at the stars round 9 pm. It was clear and I was looking straight up, focusing on nothing really. Then all of a sudden, a big white ball of light – like a star yet bigger and brighter, literally shoots from behind me, over my head, to the horizon in front of me, stops and vanishes at once !! Now, I have been breaking my brains on this one, but I simply can’t come up with a decent explanation for it. It only leaves me concluding there’s a hell of a lot we do not know about, but what is around nevertheless..

2.I was driving home from a day’s work on a sunny and clear day, and suddenly I saw in an object moving through the sky. I immediately parked my car along the road and got out to take a good look at it. It was sliding in the air at a ridiculously low speed, it looked as if it was on a train rail! It wasn’t lifted, or flown by some other air vehicle, it made absolutely no noise. The object itself looked like an iron ball with an opening in it, like a big shiny metal motorcycle helmet. Or like a big metallic pacman! It was moving very slowly and very consistently, and it traveled at a straight line until it flew out of sight behind the city buildings. I know it wasn´t me going mad, since there were people across the street at a bus stop, who were looking at it as well. The frustrating thing however, is that I came home, really hyped up, and I couldn’t do anything with it ! Where to go to ? Who to tell? What now? Nothing! I just have to accept yet another mystery... that makes me think we really don’t know what’s going on after all…

That’s my 2 weird experiences.

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