Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Man Tells How he was Abducted by UFO

Alien Abduction
By David Simister
Your Vale

     FOLLOWING our story on UFO sightings, one reader has contacted Your Vale to share his own close encounter.

Ernie Edwards speaking in his first newspaper interview, says he was walking home from work towards Cyffylliog in 1970 when he was met with a circular flying object, which then went on to abduct him.

"It was a lovely moonlit night, and as I looked up, I saw this very bright scarlet light, which became a massive round object with a pulsating light which was only about 50 yards away from me. It looked cigar-shaped to start with, and then changed shape," said Ernie, who now lives in Prestatyn.

"Obviously I knew it was a flying saucer when it changed shape. I was terrified on the spot. It turned on its side and shot off towards a house, and hovered above it."

Ernie, who works as a driver for nursing homes, also described his apparent abduction by the craft and – although he has no memory of how he came aboard – being examined by what he describes as "tall, grey beings".

"The craft appeared to me as an oval-shaped room at the time, where I was laid on a metallic table, as I were in a hospital," said Ernie.

"The beings spoke through their minds to me, telepathically and in a very strange, very fast sort of gibberish. I was just staring at their eyes.

"A couple of days after that experience I came out in a rash, from head to toe. I honestly believe that I had some sort of radiation rash after meeting people not strictly of this world."

Despite the other-worldly nature of his strange meeting, Ernie doesn’t necessarily believe these visitors to the Vale were necessarily from another planet.

"It could have been the government testing aircraft of the future, but then again, it could have been visitors from another planet. Until people actually see one themselves and have the experience I did back in 1970, they won’t be able to see for themselves," he said.

"With all the sightings in the area recently people should be aware that these things definitely exist. I would never want anything like what happened to me on that day in 1970 to happen to anyone else."

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