Sunday, June 08, 2008

UFO's over Central California 9:14PDT

UFO Over Central California
By punkinworks
ATS Member

     I just got back from walking the dog, and during the walk I was treated to a nifty little show in the sky .

It was about 9:14 PDT and I was first walking north and I noticed a bright light in the distant NW sky. I didnt think much of at first as it looked just like a plane coming in for approach to Fresno Yosemite International, I turned east at the next block and it passed overhead.

I would say between 5000'-7000', as it was well above Fresno PD's eurocopter that was making a transit across the city aththe same time.

It was a briliant large white light moving at a medium pace it made no sound and as it passed the light did not change at all.

If it was aircraft landing lights then they would have faded after it passed since they were no longer pointing at me, butg it stayed a brite point of lightas It passed.

It got a few miles down range when you could see and here a small prop driven plane approaching from the south, as they got nearer to each other the brite lit just went out.

Just gone, you could clearly see the green and red marker lights of the small plane as it passed, but nothing were they brite light was, it had no markers.

About 30 seconds later motion to the south caught my eye and what appeared to be a star started to move, the the one next to it started to move, then the 2 lights procceded to "dance" around int the sky.

They did looping orbits of each other for about 30 seconds then went into a figure eight pattern as they climbed towards the north.

After a few more seconds one stopped dead in its tracks while the other dissapered, then the first when speed off to the south west and was out of sight in 5 seconds.

About 10 minuted later 1-2 F16's took off from the local ANG base. They usually head due west out to there patrols on the coast or out the water gunnery range, well this time they did a hard U-turn(take off is to the west) and headed east. Usually when they head east they take a big southerly loop away from town, this tgime they whipped right around as soon as they pulled up their gear, and headed in the same direction as the first light.

The about 10 minutes ago 2 more F16's took off and headed east.

The sky was cloudless and I AM VERY FAMILLIAR with every thing flying in the local skys and I have seen some "Odd" things moving about the night sky over the years but this was a DOOOOOOZEY.

I hope someone else saw the display.

I tried to get a vid or pic from my camera phone but they were usesless.

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