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Dells, Lake Delton Residents Report UFO Sightings

Flying Saucer (The Invaders)
By Kay James
Dells Events

     Accounts of bright moving lights in the sky and even alien abduction have been reported from the Dells area, and UFO reports can be found on a Web site and in a new book.

The site, lists reports of the sightings from across Wisconsin including in the Dells area and in other nearby towns such as Baraboo, Portage, Oxford, Lyndon Station. The Web site and the book, "UFO Wisconsin: A Progress Report" are the work of paranormal researcher Noah Voss of Sun Prairie.

Voss has been trying to collect reports, identify and explain UFOs for more than a decade. His interest in the subject started as a child. He said in a phone interview that as far back as when he was in grade school, he would write reports about UFOs and Big Foot. "I've always been enthralled with mysteries," he said and as he got older he went to space camp and then conferences on the paranormal.

These days, he's a speaker at conferences on the unusual such as a recent one in Madison. He will also be a speaker at four or five more conferences this year, plus appearing on radio shows and at book signings around the state.

Voss is also ready to check out UFO reports, although he concedes those that report a bright light in the sky are the most difficult to verify even while they are the most typical. "There's not a lot of data to cross reference," he said referring to reports of lights in the sky such as one in December 2007 from people in Oxford. In that report, the family reported seeing a "single, large, bright, golden light" that disappeared and then five such lights appeared. Another in December 2004 from a Wisconsin Dells person describes a solid red light in the sky that turned strobe light.

Voss doesn't believe all the lights in the sky reported are alien spacecraft. "It truly means unidentified objects, not aliens." The lights could be ball lightening, flare drops, a hot air balloon, military exercises or other "common or mundane explanations."

One Lake Delton family in April 2001 reported on the Web site seeing a balloon-like object floating in their home and lights outside. The report goes on to say the family was abducted and examined by aliens. The man claims to have an implant from the aliens and having been abducted before as a child.

Most reports are just of lights in the sky. Some lights in the sky are verified. Voss said one of the 100 reports in the book is of lights seen by both a private pilot and the pilots in a major airline. The pilots described the lights in different ways and thought it might be a search light, except it seemed to bounce around the plane and moved quickly closer than further away. That light showed up on radar and it wasn't any known aircraft, Voss said. The pilots spotted it southeast of Madison and watched it for some time, before it turned north. It could have continued into the Dells area.

Sometimes lights can be verified through checks of flight data and other information, Voss said. "I'm not able to check each one."

The reports on the Web site are self-reported and anyone can make a report. Most do not include a full name, but only the location and date.

When a UFO supposedly lands than Voss said, it can be checked with scientific equipment such as radiation detectors or physical evidence may be left behind.

Voss's book lists the top five Wisconsin UFO hotspots, but the Dells did not make the list. The top five are Long Lake, Elmwood, Belleville, Madison and Milwaukee. The book, which sells for $14.95, is available on the Web site, at Book World, Barnes & Noble and

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