Tuesday, April 29, 2008

UPDATE: Mystery 'Boom & Light' Captured On Video - Arrest Made!

Mystery Boom & Light Over Pikesville (B)
Mystery Boom & Light Over Pikesville (A)
Baltimore Co. Light & Boom Mystery Solved

By Derek Valcourt

      PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) ― Police have made an arrest in a Baltimore County mystery. Eyewitness News first brought you the exclusive investigation of a mystery bang and flash in Pikesville. Now, police say they have arrested a neighbor for the disturbance.

Derek Valcourt reports police were able to use footage from a surveillance video camera and determine that the light was coming from a window in a condo complex.

Police went to the complex, talked to neighbors and arrested a man.

Deafening blasts accompanied by blinding split-second flashes of light have been rattling residents of the Pikesville neighborhood for months.

"The bedroom actually lights up like day," says Elaine O'Mansky, who lives in the Stevenson Commons condominium building near Beth Tfiloh. "It's instantaneous and wakes us up out of a very deep sleep."

She isn't alone. Barbara Friedman is Homeowner's Association president for the area.

She was up late one night sweeping her back patio when she heard the boom.

"I hit the deck," Friedman explained. "It was so loud, I thought I was being shot. I literally hit the deck."

O'Mansky says she has heard the noise 25 times since September, always between midnight and dawn.

Utility workers found no electrical problems or gas leaks that could explain the noise and flashes.
Police say the arrested man is scheduled for a bail hearing Tuesday afternoon. More information about his arrest will be released then.

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