Monday, April 28, 2008

UFO Reported Over Baytown Skies

UFO Over Baytown

      BAYTOWN, Texas — Lisa Fojt and her aunt, Kathy Boyd, say they saw more than the bright refinery lights of Baytown when they crossed the Fred Hartman Bridge Saturday night.

“There’s no explanation. But we know what we saw,” Boyd said.

They saw a UFO. Really.

“It was an extremely bright light, it was a blue-green light,” Boyd said.

The object was seen at about the same level as the top of the bridge, hovering somewhere over Goose Creek.

It’s a story the pair admitted they were reluctant to tell. But they saw it, and they told.

“And I was looking, and I’m like ‘are you watching this?’ And she’s like ‘yes, I’ve been watching it.’ And it kind of verified to both of us that we both saw something,” Fojt said.

Fojt and Boyd took their search for that something online, asking a blog message board if anyone else saw it too.

Several others did, but several more questioned their sanity.

Still others suggested it was a meteor that lit up the Baytown sky that night.

But Fogt and Boyd said, as far as they’ve heard, meteors don’t make hard-banking right turns.

“And then it just kicked in – like, warp speed – and it was gone!” Boyd said. “An extremely sharp turn.”

“It just – poof! – disappeared. It was like a little triangle zap, like you see in the movies. I mean, it just disappeared,” Fojt added.

A recent UFO sighting in Arizona turned out to be a hoax. A man had tied road flares to a series of helium balloons.

But Fojt and Boyd don’t see a hoax at play here, though even that would be a better explanation than the inevitable query:

11 News: “Had you ladies been drinking?”


Fojt: “No, no, no. I kind of wish we had, you know? Maybe it would seem less real.”

The pair swears they saw the real deal – they’d just like help finding out what kind of deal it really was.

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  1. My husband works at a chemical plant near the Hartman bridge. When he got to work Monday am he found 10 delfated mylar baloons. Maybe that is what they saw?!


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