Friday, April 18, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Couple Reports V-Shaped Craft Cruising Low 'n' Slow Over Arizona Neighborhood

V-Shaped UFO Over Car
Reader Submitted Report

Editor's note: Intrigued by yet another report of a "V-Shaped craft" over Arizona skies, I posed some questions to the witness, who was quick to provide answers, see below--FW

I live in Power Ranch in Gilbert Arizona. About a month ago my husband and I saw some type of craft in our neighborhood. We tried to follow this craft but it vanished in thin air. We were not the only cars following this object. It made no noise and almost seemed like it was just floating very close to the tops of houses in our neighborhood. We have not talked about it with anyone for the obvious reasons but saw the pic’s on your website and really it took my breath away.

I really would like to know if anyone else has reported this to you?

FW: Thanks for taking the time to share you very interesting "UFO experience." If you don't mind, I have several questions:

Let's start with the date, and time.

Wit: 2nd week in March / sorry cannot remember the exact day really just tried to forget about it. Time was around 7:15

FW: Location?

Wit: Germane & Baseline

FW: Describe the weather . . . light, clouds, wind etc.

Wit: Clear night / clearly see the stars/ calm night

FW: Description of the object?

Wit: Triangle in shape / almost as if it was floating just feet from the houses in our neighborhood

FW: Speed?

Wit: It was moving a little faster than a blimp would

FW: How did you notice it?

Wit: The lights at each point of the object caught our eyes/ we thought it may have been a rescue chopper at first but as we moved close you could see the outline of this object and there was no noise

FW: Anyone else see it?

Wit: As we followed it to a field at Rittenhouse road and Baseline there were a line of cars behind us (about 8) and we all ended up having to make a u turn as the street ended. We did not want others to think we were crazy and had thought something would have been on the news about this. My husband and I are very skeptical of things and we believe on fact and evidence but we are speechless over this experience and at times still question ourselves.

FW: Did you report it to anyone at the time?

Wit: I called my daughter when it happened but I don’t think she believed me so we did not speak with anyone else.

FW: Using a quarter at arm's length, how big was the object in relationship?

Wit: Half dollar would be more accurate

FW: What angle was at in relationship to your position?

Wit: Slightly to our left as we turned into our neighborhood.

FW: How exactly did it disappear . . . did it fade out? Did it shoot away? Details please.

Wit: It was all very strange how it just seem to float across the road and above the rest of the neighborhood. When it got close to the field it just faded out. It’s really unexplainable we are still in shock and at this time it really seems like a dream. The image is stuck in my head and every night I’m looking in hopes to find out what this could possibly be.

FW: How did you feel at the time of your sighting?

Wit: Curious, disbelief, confused and disoriented toward the end. My husband and I did not speak a word after the object disappeared.

FW: What picture are you referring to on the web-site?

Wit: The triangle shape one. I do not believe the one on the website is real but a very close resemblance. I cannot even believe I’m talking about this since I still cannot believe it.

FW: Is there anything else you can add that might be pertinent to your experience?

Wit: Nothing else I can think of at this moment. Please let me know if anyone else contacts you about this.

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  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I had the same experience with this v- shaped craft in the 80's!
    In Az. on a starry night. Never forgot it.


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