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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Munitions Specialist Says Phoenix Lights Were Flares, He Was There!

Flares Dropped
By Reader Submitted Report

     I just watched the phoenix UFO story. I have worked as a munitions specialist in the USAF for over 30 years. The UFO sighting is 100% actually LUU-2 illumination flares. Here's why:

The flares are ejected in sequence and ignite...just like the video...in a line. The flares are 27lbs of magnesium and burn at 2 million candle power...for approximately 5 minutes...while hnging nearly motionless from a parachute,,,visible line-of-sight for 100 miles in the right conditions. This explains the slow movement and the "vanishing" one after the other. They are flares.

I know that no one wants to hear that, but that's what they were. Oh yeah, the other reason I know, I was there. The A-10 jets were launched from Davis Monthan AFB. There were 4 jets with a total of 32 flares. If you bothered to REALLY investigate or want the REAL answer...I can produce assembly sheets, a flying schedule and an expenditure document that perfectly matches what thousands of peopl actually saw. THEY DID SEE IT...but it was NOT unexplained...really, just flares.


  1. With all due respect, you may have been sending off flares the night of the mass sighting and maybe some people even witnessed them, but that's definitely not what my family and I saw.

    I'm also a pilot and have worked with flares. You should know better. For one, flares can't travel in a V formation throughout a state! The object we saw was massive, extended over both highways as we were coming up I10 to Phoenix from Tucson and blocked out the stars.

    Sorry, but this 'thing' was at low altitude, right over our heads. The lights were huge and looked like canisters from underneath. They were definitely not flares.

  2. The flares do not account for what else was seen because the flares were only part of the story.

    I have been reading up on everything lately for an article I'm doing for the Phoenix Lights anniversary and I'm tripping over things I've even forgotten about.

    People saw what they saw and it had nothing to do with the supposed flares.

    Also, how possible it is that our Air Force pegged something in that airspace and flew out there and then dropped the flares.

    This is only half of an article, which makes it somewhat misleading because many read it or see the title and don't realize that there were two incidents in Phoenix that night - the lights and the UFO.

  3. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Flares were dropped intentionally at a high altitude over the Barry Goldwater Range at around 10pm so that they could be seen and photographed by Phoenix residents. Then later, the military claimed that what everyone saw were just flares. After all, the flare theory is a nice conveneint way to explain away the Phoenix Lights and continue the ET coverup that has been ongoing since WW2. Residents living close to Luke AFB reported that several groups of fighters took off from the base during the mass sighting, yet the military still denies any unusual activity.

    I have personally spoken to dozens of witnesses, including pilots, active military personnel and many other credible witnesses, and they all consistently report that what they saw was a massive v-shaped craft flying over the city, low and slow and completely silent, not distant lights over the Barry Goldwater Range. In fact, several witnesses I spoke to reported that they were directly underneath the craft as it flew over, very close to the housetops. The majority of reports flooded in around 8:30pm, which does not coincide with the 10pm flare drop.

    Consider the fact that the Barry Goldwater Range has been in continuous operation since 1941. Countless flares have been dropped over the range over a 56 year period (as of 1997). What would prompt thousands of people to suddenly call into local newspapers, police stations, news stations, radio stations and Luke Air Force base, all on the same night and all around the same time? It is plainly obvious that many people saw something very strange, not something as mundane and routine as a distant flare drop, and felt compelled to report it and find out what it was.

    Nobody can conclusively rule out the possibility of ET craft flying over Phoenix, let alone the rest of the world that have reported seeing similar triangular craft.

  4. Greetings All,

    Thank you for your input - it's much appreciated.

    This was sent in by e-mail from
    Lester Seay:

    Sorry 30 years Air Force I was there as well and there were definitely two different occurrences. Given the chance of 1 out of 100 it is possible that the one occurrence could have been flares but not the second occurrence. I have 21 years of service in the US Army and I have seen flares as well especially the ones referred to on the A 10's. So please don't insult the individuals that also have qualifications and they dispute your answer. Take a hint from the Gentleman that writes the craft seen was at a"LOW ALTITUDE " . While we're on the subject anyway , explain the fact regarding the " V " formation. You should admit whether you want to or not that flares do not hang from a parachute in perfect " V " formation. On the other hand maybe it was just a bunch of shiny weather balloon's.

    Lester Seay

  5. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Thank you Lester. Hopefully you were kidding about the weather balloons! For the record, in case anyone reading this blog has ever considered the weather balloon theory, here are the real facts:

    The weather balloon theory is often thrown out by many skeptics as a convenient explanation for UFOs. While this may be a valid explanation for some daytime sightings, it does not fit as a possible explanation for the Phoenix Lights.

    Weather balloons are not illuminated and cannot be seen at night, except for a flashing beacon. For this reason they are never released in populated areas where there is a high density of airport traffic, such as the airspace over Phoenix, because they are hazardous to aircraft.

    There are several types of weather balloons used for different purposes, but most are filled with hydrogen or helium gas and carry an instrument called a radiosonde that measures atmospheric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity.

    Weather balloons do not travel laterally close to the ground. They rise an average of 1000 feet per minute and burst at an altitude of around 100,000 feet where the atmospheric pressure is one percent the pressure at sea-level. The radiosonde deploys a small parachute and falls gently to the ground.

    It is absurd to suggest that a fleet of weather balloons were released on the night of March 13th and flew in a perfect v-shaped formation, at low altitude across the entire state of Arizona!

  6. Flares cannot be the explanation for the Phoenix Lights because research done by Jim Delitossa of Village Labs of Phoenix shows that the spectrum of flares is different than that of "Lights" as recorded on the videotapes taken by the witnesses.
    The explanation of "flares" has been perpetuated by the skeptical community and used by the media to explain the sighting. The skeptics ignore the evidence that flares are not the explanation and the media first liked to build up the mystery and then say "you fools, it was just flares." Having the case been still unexplained is just too big a mystery for the media to handle1

    UFOXprt in AZ

  7. The explanation on flares needs to die somehow.

    Due to the Phoenix anniversary, I added the word "Phoenix" to my Google Alerts so I would be notified by email any time a new article came out with the word Phoenix in it. Consequently, I've read more than a handful of Phoenix stories over the past few days.

    In the majority of those articles, they only speak of the flares and never once even talk about the UFO sighting, which was prior to the lights. Obviously uneducated on the subject but who can control that?

    They even concentrated on using the words, "Phoenix Lights" in their articles and or title, which downplays the truth since the UFO and the lights are most definitely two separate incidents.

    Unfortunately, this flare issue is downplaying the whole Phoenix sighting to the public. I don't mean us who are avid and know better, but rather the general public who isn't.


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