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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Another Witness Confirms San Diego UFO Sightings

UFOs Over San Diego (C)
Reader Submitted Report

Hey Frank,

I just did a Google search to see if anyone else in San Diego saw the strange lights I saw on the evening of February 27th, 2008. I found two descriptions on your site. The first one sounds exactly like what I also saw, except that I only saw 3 lights. I live on West Robinson Avenue in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego. The dialogue below is how I described it to my sister-in-law later that evening.

I said:

     "Last evening (around 6:20 p.m.) when I was outside smoking a cigarette, something caught my eye. I looked up in the southwestern part of the sky (out over the ocean, which is just down the hill from me), and I saw three huge, round white lights lined up diagonally in the sky.

It looked strange because they were so large, bigger than any jet, helicopter or star, all of which I see all the time. As a matter of fact, a jet was flying by beneath them at the same time, in a horizontal direction. I could clearly see the flashing lights on the jet. The San Diego airport is just down the hill from me, so I see planes taking off and landing all the time. But the big white lights didn't flash at all. They just glowed. They did seem to get brighter and then back to a bit dimmer and then back to bright again. The strange part of it was that they were not moving. They just hovered in place. They made no noise that I could hear. I did hear the noise of the jet as it flew by, however.

I watched the lights for a long time, and then the lights just went out, one at a time. First the one on top, then the one in the middle, then the one on the bottom. It was like someone turning off a light switch. I continued to watch to see if they would reappear, but they never did. It was really interesting. I don't think they were flares, because they remained illuminated too long to be flares. I watched them hover in the same spot for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Last night was a very clear and cloudless night, so the objects were very easy to see.

Who knows? Maybe I saw some UFO's or something. Trouble is, just seeing strange lights in the sky doesn't prove anything. I want them to land and come and talk to me if they are aliens, but they never do. Of course if they did, they would probably just take me up there and conduct all sorts of bizarre experiments on me.

It was strange though. I called the local NBC station to find out if anyone had called in about it, and she said they had not. but I called them within 10 minutes after I saw it, so maybe people called in later. I didn't hear anything on the news today about it though.

It was probably something connected to the military, but I have never seen anything like it in our skies before. There's a lot of military activity in this area. Military bases are all over the area.

Miramar Naval Air Station is just north of me. That's where they have the Top Gun school to train jet fighter pilots (remember the Tom Cruise movie?). These lights were clearly not military (or civilian) jets, however. I'm sure of that.

My sister-in-law answered:

"There has been a lot on the news lately about a lot of people in Stephenville , Texas seeing strange things over that area. A lot of what you said is what we hear coming out of that area. Who knows, maybe we are being visited by someone. Just thought you might like to hear about others saying similar things."

I then answered her again with:

"That's interesting to hear. When I was watching the lights, two other people happened to walk by, and I drew their attention to it. We all three just stood there and watched for some time, with a great deal of interest. I'm sure many other people must have seen it as well, because of their size. It wasn't frightening, just interesting. I think it was the size of the objects and the fact that they didn't move that was the strangest part of it. They weren't as big as the full moon, but bigger than any other object I've ever seen in the sky. I thought it was very unusual the way they each switched off the way they did. It was almost like it was done with some kind of synchronicity. That's why I expected them to come back on, but they didn't. I was sort of hoping they would zoom off, but the lights just went out."

Here are the descriptions that I read on your site:

"First I have to say that I am blown away with the fact that nothing has been said about the lights over the western sky on Wednesday 2-27-08. I’ve lived in San Diego for twenty years and have never seen anything like what I saw that night.

At first there were five lights due west over the Point Loma horizon at about 6:30, past twilight. These five lights were vertical and spaced seemingly even, one by one starting from the top light they began to disappear.

I was on the phone while I was driving and asked my friend if he saw the lights, he hadn’t so I told him to look west and check out the sky (He was in the Santee area so these lights were fairly high up).

Quickly three more lights showed up in another section of the western sky, more south, that were in a triangle shape. This time my buddy saw them and was as baffled as I was. Before it was over there were at least six more lights in pairs that came and went.

I thought it might be shrapnel from the satellite we blew out of the sky last week, but I am not so sure because of the way they seemed so ordered and evenly spaced. Any idea what these were? Thank You."

Another reader sends in this report:

"I am on holidays in Coronado San Diego in a beach front hotel. The following I experienced on Feb. 27,2008 at approx. 7:00 pm.

What I saw was something in the sky that I did not even know what I was looking at until my husband was listening to the news and told me there was a ufo sighting in San Diego. Everything just clicked and I realized that I saw the ufo. I was walking up alone to the hotel and I saw an object that resembled half a dish with huge lights on it. The lights were in the shape of a plus sign (ex. + + +). I did not give it much thought, I was tired.

As I continued to walk, there was something hovering over me with no lights and it seemed to be scanning or repositioning itself and I could hear the noise of the scanning. Again if you could believe it, I continued to walk ignoring it. It was only later, when I was in the hotel that the reality of it sunk in and after hearing of it on the news. The object was really close to me, so close that I could hear the scanning.

During the night, I got up in the hotel room and looked at the sky thinking to see something. I could kick myself for being so dense, that I did not have any idea of what I was looking at and hearing. I must say that the object was really close to me. Well I go home tomorrow to Canada. I will definitely remember my visit to San Diego. God Bless."

The description by the first individual sounds almost exactly the same as mine, except that I only saw three lights. He/she mentions that they were lined up vertically. From my vantage point I saw them lined up diagonally, but evenly spaced as he/she mentions. And they began to disappear from top to bottom just as he/she mentions as well. Her description of the time is almost the same as my estimate, and she saw them over Point Loma, which is exactly where I saw them. I saw no additional lights further south as she mentions, but I didn't remain outside watching too long after the lights I saw went out and it seemed as though they would not reappear.

The description given by the second person on your site sounds nothing like what I saw. I don't know if he/she is trying to describe the same sighting or not. I didn't hear anything on the news about it either.


  1. I just cannot believe the ufo alien is covered up do meticolous by us govt, after decades not withstanding i believe a breakthru has to be n

  2. To: lockedinside comment

    Hi, I felt a need to revisit my story and so I retraced my timeline that evening as best I could. I discussed this with my husband to see if our times matched up as he too stepped out with my daughters that evening. There seems to be a discrepancy in our timelines.

    When I was walking back to my hotel room from the hotel gym along the beach/hotel path, my time of return couldn’t have been later than 7:15 p.m. (ish) to hotel room. I was very aware of time because I was walking alone and did not want to stay out of hotel when it was dark or really late. I encountered just one person on that path going the other way.

    For some reason as I walked, and after I heard scanning noice above my head, I walked past my hotel and into a field space in between two hotels. Once half way into the field, I realized that beside me there was no hotel building but only tall grass; and I got spooked and sprinted back towards hotel and took first door I saw to enter hotel as I felt uneasy. At this point, I had realization that it was dark out.

    On entering my room I prepared for bed as I was tired and my husband walked in 5 minutes after with my daughters and said it was 8:15/8:30 p.m (ish). Time does not seem to match up; I was headed back from the hotel gym at about 7:00 p.m. and the walk back to hotel room is not one hour and I walked fast, as I said I was alone. Even taking into consideration that I went past hotel into the field does not add too much extra time - I sprinted.

    It’s funny how I never realized of our time difference for our events that evening. I was tired and just went to bed and the news came on at 10:00 p.m. and my husband announced UFO sightings and I bolted up in bed and everything clicked.

    Over the years, one morning upon awakening, I decided that I wanted to purchase a telescope out of nowhere. So I bought a telescope, binoculars, joined the planetarium, attended star parties etc. Now I wonder, if my experience in San Diego gave birth to my fascination and awe. I can say that every time I point my telescope/binoculars to the night sky, I have renewed reverence/wonder when looking at the stars; and I ask myself if anybody is looking back at me when I’m looking at them.

    God Bless & clear skies!
    Maria - Canada


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