Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"All UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed"

Top Secret File
A. J.Gevaerd (Sml)
By AJ Gevaerd
Editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine

     So says Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, one of the most distinguished military officers in Brazil, who gave Brazilian UFO Magazine an exclusive interview last Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Brigadier Pereira admitted that he is a supporter of our campaign UFOs: Freedom Of Information Now, and said that "it is time to end all secrets about UFOs in Brazil and everywhere".

Brigadier Pereira has an impressive military record. He flew all sorts of aircraft all over the world for 40 years and was a top authority in the Brazilian Air Force during the last two decades. Recently he served as General Commander of Comdabra, The Brazilian Airspace Defense Command and then President of Infraero - Brazilian Airports Infrastructure Company. He has a direct line with the president Lula da Silva. Brigadier Pereira was once considered the man who had the key to the safe the UFO secrets were kept in.

Brigadier Pereira gave me and my associates Roberto Affonso Beck, a 50-year UFO researcher and Fernando de Aragao Ramalho an exclusive, over 4-hour interview not avoiding more than 100 questions. That vast material is now being transcribed and will be entirely published in our edition 141, April. I presume that the interview will soon become another Ufological milestone, as happened with the head of Operation Saucer in the Amazon, given to me and Marco Antonio Petit by Colonel Uyrange Hollanda in 1997.

Among the many things affirmed by Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, is:

"All secrets must be disclosed. There is no reason at all to keep them away from the citizen, in the military installations. It seems that the phenomena don't represent any kind of threat to national security nor a danger to aviation. So, I am in favor of all files being opened - wherever they are being kept - so hat the population may learn what they contain, especially UFO researchers".

He added that "there is a favorable environment in Brazil's military community in that this matter should be treated openly. I will do my part, assuring my support to the UFO researchers' movement that requests government freedom of information".

When asked if he would accept an invitation to take part in an international effort such as the one conducted by Leslie Kean and James Fox in Washington, last November, he said he "would consider that with interest".

Quite significantly, Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira confirmed information that we have, since the interview I did with Colonel Uyrange Hollanda, that I wasn't able to verify 100% with any other source.

Brigadier Pereira confirmed that, indeed, over 2,000 pages of documents resulted from Operation Saucer, in the Amazon, as well as over 500 photos of the phenomena and 16 hours of Super-8mm and Super-16mm film. And he said that all this material is in Brasilia. This is very significant.

I will keep you posted of new developments. The entire interview will be translated into English soon.

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