Friday, February 29, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Appearance of Strange Doorway and After Effects

UFO Doorway
Reader Submitted Report

     Hello, My name is XXX XXXXXX and was born and raised in XXX XXXXXXX XX.

When my husband and I were dating, sitting in his car in my driveway at the home I grew up in, we were holding each other and looked up above a 80 to 100 year old cottonwood tree and saw a glowing type of color of orange light in the shape of a door way. I've never seen that color before or since. But it was as though I was dazed or something, I was looking right at it for some time and snapped to and realized ,What is that, I climbed that same tree Many times as a kid growing up.

I then leaned back and pointed to my now husband and told him to look!! We both were looking right at it seeing the same thing. A door was open of something and we were seeing the light inside of whatever this thing was. Never saw movement, up or down, just stayed in the same place over the top of that tree. We could hear no noise of anything like a machine, or craft . There was no lights on thru the neighborhood, I looked. We both felt a fear, but we was incredibly tired, I went on in the house and straight to bed ,that was odd for me to do, My husband could'nt make his drive home and pulled off at a rock quarry and slept in his car.

We don't know what we experienced or what I feel may have happened to us. But to this day, we can't get it out of our minds. This was real. I've lived with a fear since. And now I'm growing more angry that things or knowledge is being kept from us. I feel like there was something I was envolved in and had no choice or say in the matter. They just did it. Theres never a night that I don't look to the sky. I need answers. Got any???


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    This couple might want to consider if there was more to this - a close encounter or abduction. The fear and extreme fatigue leading to go sleep, even by the side of the road (husband).

  2. What I think was that you saw a cloaked craft with it's hatch open, which I think would freak anyone out, mainly because a Doorway is just floating in mid air. But I can say that it could have been cloaked.

  3. Great story. You should do a hypnosis to remember those hidden memories

  4. could it not have been some reflection on the car windows/glasses ?
    interesting anyway...
    if not scary !


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