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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Navy Says, ' They Were Parachutists,' Witnesses Say, 'Rubbish and Poppycock!'

UFOs Over San Diego
Reader Submitted Reports

     First I have to say that I am blown away with the fact that nothing has been said about the lights over the western sky on Wednesday 2-27-08. I’ve lived in San Diego for twenty years and have never seen anything like what I saw that night.

At first there were five lights due west over the Point Loma horizon at about 6:30, past twilight. These five lights were vertical and spaced seemingly even, one by one starting from the top light they began to disappear.

I was on the phone while I was driving and asked my friend if he saw the lights, he hadn’t so I told him to look west and check out the sky (He was in the Santee area so these lights were fairly high up).

Quickly three more lights showed up in another section of the western sky, more south, that were in a triangle shape. This time my buddy saw them and was as baffled as I was. Before it was over there were at least six more lights in pairs that came and went.

I thought it might be shrapnel from the satellite we blew out of the sky last week, but I am not so sure because of the way they seemed so ordered and evenly spaced. Any idea what these were? Thank You.

Another reader sends in this report:

I am on holidays in Coronado San Diego in a beach front hotel. The following I experienced on Feb. 27,2008 at approx. 7:00 pm.

What I saw was something in the sky that I did not even know what I was looking at until my husband was listening to the news and told me there was a ufo sighting in San Diego. Everything just clicked and I realized that I saw the ufo. I was walking up alone to the hotel and I saw an object that resembled half a dish with huge lights on it. The lights were in the shape of a plus sign (ex. + + +). I did not give it much thought, I was tired.

As I continued to walk, there was something hovering over me with no lights and it seemed to be scanning or repositioning itself and I could hear the noise of the scanning. Again if you could believe it, I continued to walk ignoring it. It was only later, when I was in the hotel that the reality of it sunk in and after hearing of it on the news. The object was really close to me, so close that I could hear the scanning.

During the night, I got up in the hotel room and looked at the sky thinking to see something. I could kick myself for being so dense, that I did not have any idea of what I was looking at and hearing. I must say that the object was really close to me. Well I go home tomorrow to Canada. I will definitely remember my visit to San Diego. God Bless

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  1. A message to "another reader".

    This is very similar to a sighting I had 9 years ago.

    The reason why I am commenting has to do with your initial reaction to what you witnessed.

    I have one question for you. Can you, with total certainty account for the exact amount of time it took from the point when you saw the object to the point when you realized what it was?

    I wouldn't be surprised if you came to the conclusion that you could not account for an hour or two of missing time...

    Just curious,



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