Friday, February 22, 2008

MUFON Planning Return Trip to Dublin

The Empire-Tribune

     They’re back!

Investigators with the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) are preparing for round two of witness interviews in what is now being called the largest mass UFO sighting since the case of the Phoenix Lights, which occurred in 1997.

Since the Empire-Tribune first broke the story about area residents spotting an unidentified flying object hovering in the skies above Erath County on Jan. 8, the cowboy capitol has been abuzz with worldwide media attention and some accounts say that the sightings have continued.
Following the sightings and media coverage, investigators from MUFON first traveled to Dublin on Jan. 19 and invited locals to come forth and tell what they experienced during the first few weeks of 2008. More than 400 individuals, including witnesses and a slew of reporters, camera crews and other media personnel from around the world, attended the meeting.

More than 50 area witnesses reported seeing unusual lights of varying shapes, sizes and colors and the DFW Chapter of MUFON recently reported on their Web site,, that from Jan. 8 - Jan. 30, a total of 154 reports were received from across the state. The Web site also states that those 154 reports are in addition to those gathered on Jan. 19. The total number of accounts from across the state is now more than 200, although some of the reports date as far back as the 1960s.

Steve Hudgeons, a senior field investigator with MUFON, said the organization has reserved the Dublin Rotary Building for Feb. 23. The meeting is set to begin at 1 p.m.

Ken Cherry, state director with MUFON Texas, said in a telephone interview Tuesday that investigators don’t expect to uncover new information during the meeting, but hope to gather greater details to help with the investigation.

“We do have an unusual opportunity, due to large number of witnesses involved, to gather additional information to come up with more accurate composites of the two types of UFOs being reported. The more information we gather, the better. More reports and details of sightings can help us determine the object’s direction of travel and speed. We can pinpoint where the witnesses were and use the information to triangulate more accurately what it is that was sighted.”

Cherry explained that only a handful of people typically report such sightings, which makes this case so extraordinary.

“Normally, we have too little information and too few data points; so, this is a very special case,” Cherry said.

In hopes of getting to the bottom of the unusual occurrences that have surrounded the county, MUFON will compile information gathered during the Jan. 19 meeting, reports made through and greater details gathered at this weekend’s meeting to determine what it is that area residents saw flying high in the sky above Erath County.

Cherry also explained that, due to the large number of reports, it would be some time before MUFON issues an official report on their findings.

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