Sunday, February 03, 2008

Aluminum Covered Man Lands in Saucer--It Says

Alien Captured in Germany Saucer Crash
Aluminum Covered Man Lands in Saucer--It Says (Crpd) - AP - 4-1-1950
By Honolulu Star


  1. Sorry, but this story is 100% a HOAX.
    The day it was printed was April 1st.
    This is Germany the day on which you can fool others and traditionally the newspapers write stories that are unbelievable on the day, but nevertheless many fall for it.
    On April 2nd the lies are cleared up and many laugh because friends or acquaintances believed it.
    This is still done today.
    So please delete this story, because a lot do not know anything about the tradition in Germany, thank you.
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Good Day Unknown,

      Thank you for taking time to make comment.

      Why apologize? What has become known as Silverman, Silverman Case, or Silverman hoax here in America is a well-known April Fool’s prank and has been researched ad nauseam. This is not to say that it hasn’t been taken seriously by some ever since the day it was published. That example of ignorance and lack of critical thinking sadly goes on to this day.

      FYI: Most sober-minded folks who pay attention to these things know that the source of all the hoopla was the article published in Neue Illustrierte on April 1st, 1950 and the admission that readers were pranked was published in same on the April 5th.

      The UFO Chronicles is just that, and the article (above) is part of UFO history, which is why it appears here. I might add that the high majority of UFO accounts can be attributed to conventional or prosaic explanations, that does not preclude them from appearing here, or being cited. You’ll note—in this instance—no opinion is offered; however, commentary is always welcome.



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