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UFO Over Guánica
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By Jose A. Martinez

     We are continuing our report on the sightings of strange lights over the town of Guanica which have been taking place since last Friday. The sightings are ongoing. The day after having reported on the huge, classical saucer-shaped UFO, more detailed information was received from another district near the previous one (Vivones).This time the report came from Puig, near the town of Guanica. Behind this district we find the notorious Lajas Valley. Several witnesses reported seeing a strange light, bright orange in color, appear out of nowhere at low altitude close to them. This luminous phenomenon did not make any noise or perceptible sounds. This incident took place at an early time -- 8:10 p.m. -- and the objects maneuvers were a zig-zag in the same location very low altitude before taking off toward Lajas at an incredible speed. Jose Hernandez is not a believer in UFOs and says that he had never seen one in his life until that evening, and cannot explain what he saw with his own eyes. His brother in law added that he nad never seen anything like it either, and that he was impressed to see this object such a short distance away from them.

Two Police Officers from Guanica Report UFO on Guanica Back Road Toward Lajas

Two municipal policemen on their day off were spending time with their families at La Parguera, Lajas. (The officers' names will not be disclosed at their request). When both families departed the La Parguera district, they made ready to return to Guanica using a back road known as Los Hornos, a lonely road that runs from Ensenada de Guanica to Parguera -- deserted and without electric lighting except for some intersections and the odd house.

Taking advantage of the darkness, one of the officer pulled over to urinate. When this physiological imperative was nearly over, he noticed that there was on object nearby -- hovering at low altitude and perfectly dark. Frightened, he ran back to his car. The object suddenly turned on its lights and followed them all the way back to Ensenada de Guanica. The object stopped following them once they reached the area that has good public lighting.

* Source: Argus PR

* (Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Jose A. Martinez)

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