Tuesday, January 01, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: We Opened a UFO Museum in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia

USO Emerging From Ocean
By Cindy Nickerson
Shag Harbour Incident Society

     Hi, Happy New Year. I was just looking at things on the internet and checked out your web site.

Last summer we opened a UFO museum in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. We are closed at this time of year due to the weather, but we will be open in the spring again. We had a very good season with people visiting from all over the world. It was our 40th anniversary as well.

This year we are planning our UFO Festival for Aug. 8th and 9th. Don Ledger has been helping us put this together. Chris Styles and Don have been a great help to our group. The 20th of Jan. we will be doing a Theme Weekend at the White Point Beach Lodge. Don will be speaking as well as wittness Laurie Wickens. They have a web site with the info on. We are hoping to reach as many people as possible to let them know about our Aug. event. Don has lined up about 6 speakers so far. We will have a complete list soon. We are hoping to have more visitors this summer to our museum.

Really enjoyed your site,

Cindy Chairperson
Shag Harbour Incident Society,
Shag Harbour Nova Scotia

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