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MUFON North Carolina Winter Meeting
January 13, 2008
By Suzanne Ramsey

Just a few notes by Suzanne Ramsey
Suzanne Ramsey (Sml)     Greetings,

Earlier this month, my husband Scott Ramsey and I attended the Winter MUFON - North Carolina Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sunday was a cold day and the air, its savor was reminiscent of snow, relatively unusual for our area and made me think “boy wouldn’t it be nice to curl up in front of the fireplace and read a good book.”

What a missed opportunity that would have—not going to the MUFON Meeting.

The high grade of speakers brought an audience that was thirsty for information; even the breaks were filled with lively conversation.

At the end of the meeting the MUFON group had plans to meet at a local restaurant. With an hour drive home ahead of us, we weighed the option of joining everyone one for dinner. Again what a wonderful opportunity we would have missed had we not attended.

Ruby Tuesdays was fairly quiet when we arrived...but the energy quickly changed as 60 MUFONers strolled in. My husband Scott Ramsey and I were fortunate enough to sit and visit with UFO Researchers Mike Price, Michael O’Connell, as well “George Fawcett” a legend in the UFO Community.

Frankly it was hard to end the evening we were having such a good time. Believe me there was no chance of sleeping in the car on the way home. Scott and I never stopped talking the entire drive. So much information to process!

Here is a little taste of the MUFON Meeting:

With the networks, production companies and the media beginning to recognize the increased interest that people are having in UFO's, we are seeing more programming being devoted to this topic. As you probably are aware, some of the programs are fair and factual while others are almost used as an opportunity to mock. One topic that they seem to have an especially difficult time handling with dignity is abductions. Granted it is not exactly the type of topic that is going to be based on black and white evidence, but come on...

It was rewarding to see the two individuals that spoke at this meeting move in a non-judgmental manner. If you have an opportunity to visit with Dr. O'Connell or see Ms. Marden’s presentation, I would highly suggest you make time to do so.

Kathleen Marden (Sml)
Kathleen Marden
If you aren’t familiar with this name, let me drop two names that will probably ring some bells…”Betty and Barney Hill.” Ah ha! Got ya now!

Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill and co-author with Stanton Friedman, of a recently released book entitled: Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: the True Story of the World’s First Documented Alien Abduction.

The story is not a new one; nevertheless, what made this exploration of Betty and Barney Hill’s experience unique was not only the quality multi-dimensional format, but also the clean apple-to-apple comparisons of evidence that shed new light on this 46-year-old incident.

Ms. Marden invites you to join what started out to be a “little get-away” trip with Betty, Barney and their dog. Step by step you participate in the before, during, and post abduction experience.

The comparative analysis of data, (side by side), along with the opportunity to listen to pieces of the actual tapes of Betty and Barney while under hypnosis clear up some misinformation that has been passed around regarding this incident.

The posturing of the audience during this presentation was very interesting. Each of the 70+ attendees literally was leaning forward on the edge of their seat, Captured!

Kathleen Marden can be reached at:

Stanton Friedman can be reached at

Michael O'Connell, ed.D

A Clinical Psychologist having worked closely with Dr. John Mack, Dr. O’Connell has studied and mastered many topics in his lifetime. I specifically use the term, “mastered” having not only heard him speak of his “experiences” with UFO/alien abductees (as he did at the MUFON Mtg), but also having seen him in action with some of these individuals.

His focus is working with people that have had UFO Encounters of the 4th and 5th kind. As you can imagine this is a very sensitive and vulnerable topic for most people to speak or even think of. Dr. O’Connell described some of these experiences in his presentation.

Although his presentation stirred the minds of the audience, encouraging them to participate with questions and comments, it isn’t until you really have a chance to visit privately or watch him at work that you really get a sense of the service he offers these people.

Let me jump back for a moment to the first time I met Dr. O’Connell. Several years ago over lunch, I drilled him about his methods, philosophy and focus in working with these folks. (I don’t usually respond to people in this manner, especially upon our first meeting, but I guess having interviewed a number of people that feel that they have been abducted, I have seen how some “self proclaimed authority figures” have really compromised the abductees well being simply for their own ego.) Frankly I wanted to know if Dr. O’Connell was one of them.

While attending a conference, we ended up spending some time together each day over the next week.

Since then I have listened to people that have worked with him and watched as people approach him. And finally this week had the chance to see him in action.

Respectful is the first word that comes to my mind.

Moving is the second word.

Dr. O’Connell takes the time to listen and reach out to help people help themselves. It is never ego driven. Never judgmental…it is not about him…

In his own way, I think he considers it an honor to share their experience. He doesn’t plant information, he doesn’t ask leading questions or have expected out comes.

I would think that most people find him to be safe haven after an experience that has left them with lots of questions.

Dr. O’Connell can be reached at

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