Friday, January 18, 2008

'ET' Signal May Have Natural Cause

Arecibo Observatory
By John Fowler

     BERKELEY, Calif. -- On Monday, KTVU reported scientists have received an odd signal from space and some readers may have interpreted this as a confirmed extra-terrestrial contact.

Scientists did confirm there was an anomalous radio signal and reported it late last year.

However, as SETI@home lead scientist Dan Werthimer now clarifies, "although this pulse is not well understood..." it may have a natural origin.

SETI Institute Chief Scientist Seth Shostak says the highly energetic and brief signal at first excited some researchers, who at the time thought it may be a candidate ET signal. It was received not at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, as reported, but rather in Australia.

The signal has not been confirmed as any sign of extra-terrestrial intelligence, although the Allen array in California is now actively searching for more of these signals.

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