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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Objects in Formation Witnessed 3 Months Pryor To 'Phoenix Lights'

UFOs Over Phoenix
Reader Submitted Report

     date; 3 Dec 1996, around 10-11 PM, location 715 W. Mariposa street. Phoenix AZ

occasion: sitting on roof, listening to talk radio KFYI, star/meteor watching.

my position was 1 block south (approx 150ft) of the main avenue 'Camelback Ave & 7th Ave'

the street lights were those orangish mercury vapors but none of the lights atop poles were visible, what happened as i was facing a general easterly direction is that what appeared to be a flight of 3 birds (i thought owls) glided overhead spaced similar to a 'V', i'd guess 60-80 ft high

the 3 birds were football shaped but a little larger, and seemed to be reflections of the mercury vapor lights that are spaced on the Camelback Avenue . the glide of the formation took about 30 seconds to pass from sight from E to W...

some 30 minutes later i was surprized to see this same formation come into view again, returning W to E

in the same height & speed... this glide over was somewhat closer to overhead than the initial E to W glide over

but in the starlight i could not see any opaque shape or form that should have been there to anchor these larger than footballs set in a seemingly rigid pattern of a 12' triangle...

birds do not behave so uniformly in flight, i witnessed no flapping of wings, just the silent glide of this 'V' formation with no sound...

i quickly thought about getting a spotlight i kept in the Van below, but thought better of shining a spotlight on this formation, as i figgured that perhaps sensors abord the object could pinpoint my location and i might be visited by those 'men-in-black' if what i witnessed was a military drone of some sort which was being put thru the paces as an autonomus UAV on patrol or on a shake down test flight.

that was the extent of witnessing a 'UFO'

some months later, March 13, 1997, i listened as the triangular craft traveled from NV through AZ over the hours being spotted from kingman-verde valley-wickenberg-cave creek-camelback mountain-past Casa Grande toward Tucson....then returning to be seen as the Phoenix Lights that night

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