Saturday, December 15, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: David Biedny of 'The Paracast' Recounts Chilling Encounter!

David Biedny's UFO Sighting 1973
By Frank Warren
© 12-15-07

     This week’s episode of the Paracast with David Biedny and Gene Steinberg offered up something different (no pun intended); they didn’t invite a guest on!

For those listeners who enjoy the “intro” to their weekly show, i.e., their banter prior to the guest coming on, then this is one you don’t want to miss as you get two hours of it; even for those that would rather they cut the chitchat and get to the gist of the show, I think will particularly enjoy this episode as well, in part because Biedny shares a very chilling UFO experience from his youth.

Biedny recounts a childhood outing with his father and brother; he describes in great detail how a “disc-shaped craft” “followed their car home from a local shopping center; he then reiterates how the craft “hovered” over the Biedny home with his family watching in utter dismay!

Now this by itself it most captivating! This isn’t a “distant light in the sky sighting” or blurry photograph—this is an “up-close encounter” of a “nuts ‘n bolts” craft with multiple witnesses! But, it didn’t end there!

Apparently within minutes, an “unmarked helicopter" showed up, and the disc shot off at inconceivable speeds. Afterwards the occupants of helicopter instructed Biedny’s family (via a PA) members to get back in the house!

Biedny gauges his experience to the “O’hare Incident” in regards to the appearance and the speed of the object as it exited the area.

To here it the anecdote straight from the horse’s mouth visit the Paracast.

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