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Interview with The Multi-Talented Suzanne Ramsey

Suzanne Ramsey (Crpd)
By Frank Warren
© March 2007

Editor's note-When folks involved in Ufology hear the name, "Ramsey" most recollect Scott, and consequently, meld him with the "Aztec Incident" as they should given the enormous amount of work he's done on it; however, for those not privy to the particulars, he has a powerful ally in his bonny consort, and life partner, "Suzanne."

Mrs. Suzanne Ramsey (formerly Ninos), the fairer half of the "Ramsey Research team" is the lesser known of the two in UFO circles; however, for those cognizant of the labors the Ramsey's apply to the "Aztec Incident" we have come to know the resources she brings to the table.

Suzanne Ramsey is an educated, multi-cultured, multi-talented and well-traveled young woman; she's multi-lingual, articulate, and intelligent in addition to being an entrepreneur.

I think her husband, Scott would say that "she completes him"; not only in life and their marriage, but also in being the "yin" to his "yang" in regards to research.

Together the two have been ardently working on their upcoming book, which is a culmination of years of investigation on the subject of the "Aztec UFO Incident" that took place in 1948.

I hope you our readers enjoy the upcoming dialogue as much as I-FW

FW: On behalf of our regular readers Suzanne, as well as the newcomers, I'd like to thank you for participating in the latest edition to the "Knowledge is Power" web-site i.e., the "interview section."

That said, let's begin with the "basics"; give us some background on yourself . . . who is Suzanne Ramsey?

SR: Thank you, it is a pleasure to be able to participate with you and the "Knowledge is Power" Project.

Let's see, both sides of my family were from and I was born in Chicago, IL. Both of my parents having grown up in the city wanted what they felt was a quieter, better setting to raise a family so they headed West to South Dakota. My Dad was and still is a small town doctor who was dedicated to his patients.

I one time asked him how it was that he was able to listen every day to patients that never came by just to say "hi", but by the nature of the business, came by only when they had a problem. He said that he was always inspired by the International Research group and continuing education studies he did (often 8-10 times as much as was required) and that he always felt like there were so many answers out there to help people.

My younger sister and brother along w/ our parents spent Holidays (by train or plane)traveling back to Chicago. Summer vacations were spent in the family station wagon exploring National Parks, zoos, museums, historical locations and tours of business and industry production areas throughout the U.S. and Canada.

My Mom is a wonderful cook and being from a multi-cultural heritage, Polish, Greek, Irish, English and Cherokee, we enjoyed a wide palette of foods and cuisines.

Educational focus has been multi-media communications,public relations/promotions, business and languages (French, German, Japanese,and Sign Language).

As an adult I have lived throughout the United States. Worked in promotions and event planning for events from 10 - 35,000 people in 49 of the 50 states (often traveling 20 - 28 days per month). Written for newspapers, worked in television, owned a business for 10 years, was a district criminal court mediator, director of a community college School to Work Program and had an interview radio program. (Some occurred simultaneously).

Scott Ramsey (C Sml)After having lived a lengthy time in the Four Corners of New Mexico and being single to that point in my life, have married my best friend and love of my life Scott Ramsey and moved to North Carolina.

FW: How interesting; you certainly have a "diversified" background. Are you fluent in the a fore mentioned languages?

SR: At one time I was comfortable enough with the Sign Language, French and German that I regularly dreamt in them. But I don't really have an opportunity to speak or read them on a regular basis, so I am not currently fluent.

The Japanese language is very unique, like Russian or Navajo, there are stages to learning them especially if English is your foundation. I am a novice!

FW: I admire your tenacity in regards to learning not one, but several different languages; although I am "semi-fluent" in Spanish, I am interested in other languages, and how different cultures communicate with each other; learning another's language allows a better perspective of an individual, as well as a "people." Not to get ahead of myself here, but I'm curious to know if you made Scotty (Littleton) aware that you are familiar with Japanese (he having spent a lot of time there) at last years "Aztec UFO Symposium?"

Separately, in mentioning your mom and her "cooking skills," you also included Cherokee" in that sentence; is this to say that your mother cooked "Cherokee" dishes?

SR:Scotty Littleton (Sml B) Scotty and I briefly touched on several of our areas of similar interests, but it was not limited only to his study of the Japanese Culture.

He has really focused on portions of history that give us a PURE sense of the past and present. Scotty has seen the world through the eyes, walked the paths, and tasted the wine of several cultures.

I recall at first thinking, "hmmm what is the correlation between between Indo-European Mythology and Japanese Religion and the evolution of the Alien/UFO experience. Thankfully I thought it and didn't say it....Wow!

His research takes a look at who mankind is...a course of study and how everything and everyone we have come in contact with has effected us.

Overlooked by some folks I would guess, mythology or folklore is sometimes considered to be fable like or created to teach a lesson.

Or may have been diluted by time and poor memories.

Scotty Littleton is a fascinating man. Getting a glimpse into some of his research, soooo many things make sense...and yet, it opens up so many more questions...

Okay...what was the question??????????? Oh yes, my Mom has made one time or another made something from just about every culture known to man. (And probably made up a few of her own.)

FW: I certainly share your opinion of Scotty; he's a good friend and colleague as well! Also, the culinary talents of your mother is making me hungry!

Changing gears (again); with your diverse background, and employment history, which portion of that was accomplished in the Four Corners area?

Frank, thought a little info. might be helpful. Ended up in Aztec/Farmington due to the fact that as a child I remember my Mom reading a book about the Aztec Crash.

Aztec Crash Site 3 (ILL-Sml)When it came time for them to look for a location that had a little tamer climate, they looked towards the SW. They ended up in Aztec around 1980 or 81. Although she was not familiar with nor was there much active research being done at the time, she always felt drawn to the area and had an interest in the Incident.

Wrote for several newspapers, owned a business, director of SJC Program, had a radio interview program.

FW: I'm looking forward to hearing about your time as a "radio host," the various guests you had on, particularly those involved in Ufology, as well as how you met your husband, Scott and finally your involvement with the "Aztec UFO Symposium"; that said, I think this is the opportune spot to conclude "part I" of our interview.

end part I


  1. Hey Mr. Warren;

    For all your praise and accolade you still managed to undersell Suzanne Ramsey. It is difficult to be too effusive in her regard, eh?

    I met her (...and her lovely husband Scott -- lol!) in Charleston, West Virginia in September. I found her to be entirely captivating and a creature of rare intelligence and ironic grace.

    It was great to see your feature on her here. More should know who she is and what she's doing, as you so obviously grok. She is a real treasure of the first water and an absolute pleasure to be around and listen to. No hyperbole!

    Thanks again for the feature!
    >> AVG Blog --
    >>> U F O M a g a z i n e --

  2. Good Day Mr. Lehmberg,

    Happy New Year!

    Forgive me for such a tardy reply.

    Scott certainly has a "secret weapon" in his lovely wife Suzanne, and yes defining her many attributes is no easy task.

    Stay tuned for "part II" of our interview, as we'll be getting into more things Ufological. In addition, she will be putting the proverbial "pen to paper" in short order here at the "Knowledge is Power" web-site with a few articles of her own.



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