Monday, November 12, 2007

Argentina: Region Still Astonished by Police Officer UFO Case

Flying Saucer & Aliens On Rural Road
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By La Voz Del Pueblo

     The eyewitness accounts of four law enforcement officers who claim having seen alien beings in the wilderness near Irene have given rise to comments among locals. Were there other witnesses to the mysterious episode?

Residents of Oriente and the region are exchanging bewildered views on the police testimony concerning the encounter with humanoid beings on Wednesday in the vicinity of Irene.

Local residents are making their own remarks and speculating, but the alleged episode, by virtue of having been witnesses by four police officers, sets aside any possibility of hallucination or incorrect perception. The color and shade of the light, indicated as white with greenish flashes, and the strong odor reminiscent of sulfur or gunpower, followed by a report comparable to a thunderclap, all agree with the description of the phenomenon.

“We were sleeping when we heard a noise that was similar to a tire blowout. It jolted us and caused the windows to rattle for a moment. When we looked out the window, we saw nothing unusual and we gave the matter no importance,” said a woman who was surprised by this noise on Wednesday morning. Her testimony is added to that of other locals who heard the rumble but paid it no attention due to the time at which it occurred, and who corroborated their own perception the next day after hearing stories of a UFO manifestation.

Added to these stories are ones from people who drove along rural roads while engaged in farming tasks and observed the white flash in the fields. All conjectures that can be put forth regarding the subject bring up a reality that goes beyond human reason and consequently, leaves behind an aura of mystery to some and of open incredulity to others.

The fact remains that a group of people shared an experience this week that they will not forget for the rest of their lives. This story shall certainly be added to the list of similar experiences transmitted orally by their protagonists, and theories ranging from mistrust to involvement by NASA itself, covering an array of alternatives. A visit by four aliens--standing 80 centimeters and with large gray eyes and greenish skin—shall form part of the local folklore.

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