Friday, October 26, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts Large Flying Saucer Landing in Field

Flying Saucer Seen in Field
Reader Submitted Report

     My first sighting was back in 1976 in Illinois. I had just married and my husband and i lived in the rural area in a little rent house that sat on a narrow gravel road. We were surrounded by the bare fields for it was just approaching early spring.There were a couple more farm houses on this little road.

One evening after supper i went outside to look for our dog and saw her around front by the road. I walked over to pet her and was looking around when i noticed something in the field across the road and as i looked i thought "what kind of farm machinery is that " and as i looked closer i seen it was a "UFO".

I It was a ways down the field and close to the fence, not way out in the field.I remember it was big but not the size of a football field maybe half that size. It was a dark gray color not shiney and had a dome on top with windows and there were lights around the center.It looked as if it were sitting on the ground.

After i had realized what it was, i ran to the front door and screamed for my husband to "hurry ufo" ! We both stood there watching it and it started moving up the field towards us. It moved kind of slow at first then it picked up speed the closer it got to us. There was no sound. Then as it got very close in front of us it took off at a speed i can't even describe and we watched as it became a speck in the sky. I looked at my husband and said "don't ever say there are no ufos". I was 27 years old then and i am 59 now.

If i could go back to that day i would have walked down that field to where i first seen this ufo and looked for something that might have been left behind. There was bottom ground very close to this sighting and the neighbor had some white cattle down in there and there was also a hog lot at the top of the ridge. Maybe this was of some interest of this ufo. I think back to all the space out there and this ufo decided to stop by that little gravel road. How lucky i am ! I have never doubted their exsistance and i know what i seen that evening 31 years ago was not from this world.

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