Saturday, September 22, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFOs Put On Show in The Desert

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     yes this was no weather baloon. friends this bright light came down from way up from the sky .first I thought it was an approching jetliner but then it stoped, hovering over the desert realy low. couldnt figure what it was because of its brightness. so my friend went to get several scopes by then it backed up but still visable to the eye as bright I fouced in on this object it seemed to have a glowing moving object in the middle that was swerling around like a ball of mercury going down a drain . but It would twist and turn as it wolbed around,it would move up into the sky and back again. then at one time it shot accross to the west I mean it disppeared for a second. then I looked around the sky , and I found it again.

doing the same thing for almost an hour.nd it also seemed to have these smaller little lights leaving the object. and returning to it.but the lights would not stop they would ftravel through it and go the other way. seems like there was several of them but it was hard to tell they were moving to fast.

and then I asked myfriend are we seeing what we think we are seeing. He looked at me and said it sure is strange. any way it dropped down real fast going behind the mountains and was not able to see it no more. then about ten min. later it reappeard, but no longer could abserve because of the sun starting to come out. and that my frinds is my storry this was about five in the morning till sun up sept 7 2007

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