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Roswell Information Continues After 60 Years

Roswell Information Continues
By Dennis G Balthaser
© 08-01-07

     The 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident is now history and was a gigantic improvement over those in recent years, partially due to the number of credible researchers that were in Roswell for the Festival sharing their knowledge not only about the Roswell Incident, but various other topics related to Ufology. The attendance for this year’s 4-day event was comparable to the 50th anniversary in 1997, when 40,000 visitors attended. With the city of Roswell taking over the Festival this year, the Mayor’s desire to have a family oriented celebration along with serious UFO researchers appears to have been a success.

New information about the Roswell Incident was revealed in the form of three new books that were published and made available in conjunction with the event. Perhaps those books will have an impact on the fact that we continue to be lied to by the military and our government about what happened here in 1947, and I believe the pressure is mounting on them to come clean. (Wishful thinking on my part? ---probably so, but I remain optimistic.)

Jesse Marcel Jr., who I first met in 1997, remains as one of the most credible first-hand witnesses, still alive that I’ve ever known. His own 30 + year military background, honesty and sincerity in addition to his profession’s as a medical doctor, helicopter pilot, etc., speak volumes about him. Now after all these years, Jesse has decided to go public in book form to fulfill a request by his father, before he passed away, revealing his story about his own involvement in 1947 as the 11 year son of then Intelligence officer of the 509th bomb wing, Major Jesse Marcel. Jesse Jr. not only shares his own thoughts and factual knowledge, but his wife does also, making the book a personal account of a family that has dealt with the Roswell Incident first hand these 60 years. The book entitled “the Roswell Legacy” should be required reading for anyone wanting information about the Roswell Incident from a first-hand account.

Walter Haut (B)Don Schmitt and Tom Carey released their new book “Witness to Roswell” also. These two long time researchers present volumes of new witness testimony and explain in detail how through those witnesses, the cover-up was probably accomplished. At the end of the book Public Information Officer at Roswell Army Airfield in 1947, Walter Haut’s recently released affidavit signed by him in 2002 is included. Having myself interviewed Walter on videotape with Wendy Connors 2 year’s prior in 2000; there are many questions about the recent affidavit and one supposedly done by Haut in 1993. As with most things pertaining to the Roswell Incident, it will take time and more research to resolve. More information is needed about this recently released affidavit pertaining to when it was actually written, by whom and under what conditions.

Thirdly was a book by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden entitled, “Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience”. Kathleen is Betty Hill’s niece and is now sharing never before released information about her aunt and uncle’s experience. In this editorial, a sketch on page 289 of this book will be discussed along with information that has been available from both Jesse Marcel Jr. and his Dad, Major Jesse Marcel for sometime, to present a possibility of a connection between them.

Marcel & Hill Drawings
Enter John DeSalvo PhD, Director of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association of which I have been a member of the advisory board for several years. John’s background is as diverse as they come with extensive research into the pyramids of course, as well as the Shroud of Turin. John is a former college professor and administrator, and for many years, has had an interest in Ufology.

A week after this years Roswell Festival, Dr. DeSalvo contacted me, and said he was looking through the Betty and Barney Hill book when he noticed on page 289 that Betty had seen a book during her abduction which had what she referred to as alien writing in it, which basically amounted to various symbols. John was familiar with the sketch Lt. Col. Marcel (retired), had drawn for Linda Corley, PhD, in her copyrighted interview with Marcel in 1981, prior to his death. After obtaining a copy of Ms Corley’s book and obtaining her permission, I requested that certain members of the Pyramid Association look at those symbols drawn by Major Marcel to see if there was a similarity to Egyptian hieroglyphics as has often been mentioned. The board members advised me that they didn’t see any resemblance.

Dr. DeSalvo also being an authority on languages felt there was possibly a similarity between what Major Marcel had drawn in his last interview with LindaCorley and those shown in the Betty and Barney Hill book. (The drawing done by Jesse Marcel Jr. as he remembered the symbols years later, do not appear to be similar to those of Betty Hill or his Dads sketch, but Jesse deserves credit for what he remembered when he did his sketch of the symbols). All sketches of “alien writing” should be analyzed at some point.

Marcel Drawing
This possible similarity in the symbols between Betty Hills drawing and Major Marcel may well be a “stab in the dark”, however something that should be considered for future research, through computer analysis or other high-tech methods.

Most people familiar with the Roswell Incident remember that Col. Weaver in the Air Force report in 1994 stated that the pictures in General Ramey’s office had been analyzed by a National Laboratory (probably CIA or NSA), and nothing was gained from that analysis, while individual researchers with less technical equipment were able to read parts of the Ramey message. Hopefully someone will be willing to at least look at the symbols, and possibly do more research, as we cannot depend on the government to undertake such a project.

Original civilian Roswell researcher Stanton Friedman and Jesse Marcel Jr. joined Dr. DeSalvo on a recent Jeff Rense “Sightings on the Radio” show to discuss the possibility of the symbols being similar. You can listen to the show, or contact Dr. DeSalvo at the www.gizapyramid.com web site.

I’m not saying there is a similarity in the sketches, but rather suggesting that the possibility of a similarity be looked into further. After 60 years, information is still coming forward pertaining to the Roswell Incident, and who knows what that information might produce.

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