Thursday, July 26, 2007

Costa Rican Man Captures Amazing Images of UFO on Cell Phone Camera!

UFO Over Tres Rios 6-24-07 (BB)
UFO Over Tres Rios 6-24-07 (AA)
Video aficionado catches images of supposed UFO

By Luis Diego Quirós

     Scientists do not deny nor confirm that the images of a video aficionado are those of an extraterrestrial ship

Just like any other day, Ángel Brenes left his work in la Subestación Eléctrica de Tres Ríos.

But June 24th would be different. That night he would catch a video with his cellular telephone which would something more then electrical discharges.

Although Ángel assures us that the light moved so that he cannot explain it, consequently he says it’s an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO.

For Oscar Sierra, an expert in the subject UFOs, it is necessary to do additional analysis on the video; however, it presents/displays characteristics that would make it real.

Physicist José Alberto Villalobos thinks differently; he assures us that it is indeed a UFO because it can’t be identified, but can’t say whether it’s an extraterrestrial ship.

The video is similar to photography taken in France for some years.

Similarly, a craftsman from Aguas Zarcas captured an image in 2006 near the volcano Arenal.

Although there are no recognized tests officially; however, the students of Ufology assure us that every day hundreds of extraterrestrial visit our planet.

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