Monday, July 30, 2007

UFOs Video Taped in Wrexham

UFO Over Wrexham 7-25-07 (A)
UFO Over Wrexham 7-25-07 (B)
By Flintshire Standard

A COUPLE were mesmerised as seven red lights flew silently and at great speed above their house in the early hours of the morning.
     It was just after midnight when Leigh Williams, 31, went out to the back of his house on Townsend Avenue for a cigarette.

He said he saw some strange lights in the sky and ran inside to get his wife, Lynn, 32.

She said: "I thought he was taking the mick and I told him I was tired and to leave me alone. He said 'if you don't believe me look out there'.

There were seven lights flying fast over the house. Two of them were flying round each other. They were flying very close together, closer than planes. They were going so fast I couldn't focus on them.

"I ran inside and got my camcorder. I thought they could be helicopters but when I zoomed in I was scared to death. They were glowing red in the middle. I'm a very logical person. We are not into the paranormal at all. I thought people would think we were barmy if we said we saw UFOs."

Although the time on the video shows the objects being captured at 11.16pm, the film was actually taken at 12.16am – the camcorder clock had not been re-set to British Summer Time.

"They weren't like anything I have seen before. For the lights to be so low there had to be some noise if they were planes. If someone can tell me what they were, I will sleep better at night.

"This has really put me off sitting out the back at night. You think you know everything about the world but that was a mystery to me."

The first to the see objects was Leigh. He said: "I haven't got a clue what they were. It was a bit strange. I hadn't seen anything like that before.

"There was no noise whatsoever. Surely if they were aircraft there would have been lots of noise. My wife was panicking. We just want to know what it was. When they went over it happened so quick. They moved very smoothly and were glowing."

A spokesman for North Wales Police confirmed they received a call at the same time from another resident in Borras who said they has seen six flying orange orbs.

One theory being circulated in the area is the weird lights were in fact Chinese lanterns, usually tied together and released on the wind and can reach high speeds if conditions are right.

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