Wednesday, June 20, 2007

UFO Witness Recovers "Tin Foil" Like Material Ejected From Craft

Palestine Residents See Flying Balls Over City (Heading) - By The Brownsville Herald 7-9-1947


     Flying balls of fire circled a wide area around Palestine, and some Negroes, believing the end of the world was near, began praying. A white man grabbed a gun and shot at the mysterious objects
By The Brownsville Herald

Sheriff Paul Stanford of Anderson County described them as orange basketballs of fire.


Mrs. Marian Reed, farm wife, found what she believed was part of a Flying Disc. It landed in her back yard while she was hanging out the clothes yesterday afternoon. She admitted she was frightened. She described it as a round piece of tinfoil, eight inches wide, scorched or burned around the edges. Both sides were shiny, but one side was marked with black, stenciled lines a quarter-inch apart. She said the tinfoil dropped straight down from the sky.

She lifted it with a stick, put it in a tin can, and drove five miles to Gunter, 20 miles southwest of Sherman. Scores crowded about to see it.

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