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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Close Encounter With a Luminescent Humanoid Form

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     I don't know how this applies, But...

In Feb.1974 my family was on vacation in Colorado. Avid skiers, the family turned in early to get a good nights rest. On this stop, I got to have my own room with Sis. Mom and dad stayed in another room. sometime during the night, I awoke to what looked like a neon light outside the rooms window. I remember rolling over to see if I could close the curtains. Between the time I got out of bed, and the walk to the window, I saw the light break through the wall of the hotel room.

I first thought that I was dreaming. My second reaction was to yell for my sister, but she would not awake. My yells turned to screams when I found myself face to face with the shape of a humanoid. Its body was not a solid, and had particles flying Through it. the very shape of the Humanoids body trapped the flying particles from leaving its shape.

It illuminated the room in a bluish white light. Unfortunately I had positioned myself between the wall(trying to hide behind the curtains) and the alien. I watched as the dude just stared into my face. I could see his facial features in contrast to the dark of the room. The speckles seemed to grow intenser s I calmed down. He and I stood in silence when I noticed that his light was no longer mainly in his body with the speckles. His light went to my sister as his body stayed next to me.

I mustered up my courage, and took a step forward expecting him to take a step back. He did not. In fact I'm sure that the form was empty as I stepped into it. My body went Through his, and as I exited I ran for the door in hopes of escape. Screaming for my sister as I ran. The blue light got intensely bright, and I don't remember what happened for the rest of that night.

The next morning I was awoke by Dad who was mad as hell because we had slept past our 5:am wake up call. In fact it was 9:am, and the Hotel manager had to wake us. I tryed to explain all of this to the parents, but I was pushed aside and written off as a dreamer. Sis saw nothing, and teased me. I remember being mad as hell and bent on revenge because ofthis.I swore that I would make them believe me...they never did.

Flash forward to 1983, I'm living in Yosemite Natl' Park. Iv often tried to compare bright lights to my memory of that Colorado night. None had ever compared...Until one day I was getting off work to go to lunch. I worked In Curry Village, a very busy tourist area. I went to the burger joint to get lunch surrounded by folks from all over the world. As I stood in line, the earth began to shake. Earthquake! People yelled, and ran in all directions. but behind me a lady from France shouted at the air in front of her and I. The earth heaved, and the lady kept screaming at something that was visible only to her and I apparently.

In Front of her and I was my friend the bright blue/white light. Her screams terrified my senses,and my instinct was to put my back to the blue dude, and block her view. The earth continued to jolt around, and now we were reaching for things to hold onto. even the buildings and trees were bathed in this blue light.

It hined from behind me onto her face and body. Her eyes met mine several times in disbelief. She could not comprehend what was happening to her, and it must have been terrifying.

I could see the light dim behind me, then the shaking stopped. The lady went hysterical in french and English trying to figure out why the people were only screaming about the quake.She had no apperent family or people with her, and she just Wandered to anyone who would listen. She was sure(as was I) the event was caused by or some how connected to the blue light. I did my best to under describe to others what I had seen, but in my heart I knew Id seen it before.I never said anything about Colorado. I wanted to ally with her, but I could tell, she knew I knew something. She not only hesitated, but later left my side with no further comment or good by. this lady had a life changing experience, and was terrified of it.

Fast forward to 1999,(coincidence, but in line for a burger)at a Burger King in Pasadena California. I'm waiting next in line to order, when I see the girl motion me forward to a new register. as I stepped forward, I "felt" a warm connection between the girl and I (I'm gay so it wasn't that)she looked into my eyes, and both of us were able to feel her unborn baby laugh. Both her and I broke into tears of what I can only explain as pure joy. Beyond joy, it brought both of us to shake in our shoes as we cried tears of Ecstasy, knowing exactly where it was coming from. ...instinct...never met...we could feel the baby laugh out loud. I walked out and sat in my truck and shook for about 20 minutes....Id left her standing there crying and laughing, and shaking because all of the other people started to freak out and leave. I wept like a baby until I saw her walk out the back and into a van that puled up.She didn't look over, and I didn't want to scare her.

I started the car, and went through the drive through hoping to avoid confrontation of anyone who just saw this weird thing happen. I ordered, and drove up to
pay, when the girl saw me, she told me, "What did you tell her, and why did you do that to her" I played dumb, and kept handing her money for the meal. the girl continued,"why did you make her quit?" I was stunned. Over this incident this girl was also so scared by her life changing experience that she could not cope. I kick myself now for not staying in the burger king and asking her questions. But even this
was too weird for me.

Truth, Id take the Aliens any day over what I felt with that girl, because joy so pure is sure to be exclusive to the unborn.

...at the time of writing this, I showed it to mom, and she reminded me of something else...when I was a kid, in 1971 I think, Los Angele's had a huge earthquake. during the quake, mom screamed for me to come out of my room to her side of the house. but I did not go because I was watching the beautiful colored lights in the sky. I had a bunk bed that sat right next to the window. Later in life it was explained to me that friction can cause plasmatic like lights to appear. I believed them...untll I started to read about UFO's online.

I don't know why I decided to share this, other than I'm really not sure what to think about these incidents.

I'm hoping you can shed some light...no pun intended...

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  1. To the poster of this article, I may be able to shed some light on your experience.

    The name is Jack and you can reach me at misterescomics@peoplepc.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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