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Flying Saucers and the Cosmic Watergate

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The Times Herald

     Moose Javians are interested in flying saucers.
Quite a few people filed into the Mae Wilson Theatre on Saturday night for “An Evening With Stanton T. Friedman”, a nuclear physyicist delivering his lecture “Flying Saucers ARE Real”.

“There’s no way to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about flying saucers in one lecture or ten lectures,” Friedman began.

Friedman is a self-described UFologist. For all the time he has spent researching flying saucers, he has spent almost as much in battle with the “noisy negativists” who dismiss everything out of hand.

He spent the bulk of his presentation on the famous Roswell crash.

A rancher found wreckage of an unidentifiable craft in his field. The military swiftly sent in men to retrieve the wreckage. Maj. Jesse Marcel investigated the site, and described metals that were unheard of: small beams that were incredibly light but couldn’t be broken by hand, and metal that could be bent and then reform into its original shape. Marcel and the others who recovered the wreckage were silenced by their general.

The wreckage was explained as a weather balloon, which contains nothing similar to the wreckage nor any flight patterns similar to what was witnessed before the crash.

There were two reports of bodies found: small, grey, with spindly limbs. These were explained as crash-test dummies (which are made to look human).

He discussed another incident where a small craft was seen landing. The soil that it imprinted was studied, and discovered to be sterile and non-absorbant.

Many studies have been done into flying saucers. The largest ever was Project Blue Book. It concluded that there were only 3 per cent of UFO sightings that were not identified, and only because of insufficient data. However, within the actual report, the figures put unknown sightings at 21.3 per cent, and list insufficient data in another category.

Friedman sought after the hundreds of UFO documents in the possession of the CIA and NSA, and had to take them to court before they would admit they had them. He eventually go the documents, though ... 90 per cent whited out.

He also talked about the elusive Operation Majestic 12, a top secret group reporting to President Truman, which remains as mysterious today as in 1947.

There are many remaining mysteries, but Stanton Friedman shows no signs of slowing down.

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