Friday, March 23, 2007

This Weekend Marks The 10th Anniversary of The Aztec UFO Symposium

Aztec UFO Symposium Logo 2007
By Frank Warren

     AZTEC, NEW MEXICO—The 10th Annual UFO Symposium commemorating the “flying saucer crash” of 1948 at Hart Canyon has begun today with a “book signing and wine tasting at Hard Backs, 200 S. Main, Aztec NM 87410.

UFO Researchers and authors, David Childress and Christopher O'Brien (and others) will be there to autograph their respective works.

This evening, there will be a “meet-n-greet” dinner gathering with all of this year’s speakers.

I’m happy to report that veteran Ufologist and Roswell resident, Dennis Balthaser (as well as good friend and colleague) will be returning for this year’s event; that pretty gal by his side is his wife, and partner Debby.

Dennis has MC’d the Symposium on numerous occasions; however this year he has passed the baton to Katee McClure; his oration will address, “The Roswell Incident: Then and Now.”

One of the best-known cases of abduction has been attributed to Mr. Travis Walton; as a former logger, Travis and his crew were working in the mountains of Northeastern Arizonain 1975 when they observed a strange, unusually bright light in the sky; Travis went to take a closer look; suddenly, as he walked toward the light, Walton was blasted by a bolt of mysterious energy, his co-workers fled in fear. Walton was missing for 5 days. Mr. Walton will recount his experience this weekend.

Well known author and speaker, David Hatcher Childress makes his debut at this year’s event; he will address, “UFOs, Atlantis and Ancient Technology.”

Author, writer and speaker, Christopher O'Brien will give his speech on “The San Luis Valley” and it’s continuing anomalous occurrences.

Another newcomer to this year’s event is Farah Yurdozo; Farah is Turkey's first female UFO researcher and writer, and her oration will be on the “Ancient and Modern abduction and Close Encounter Cases in Turkey.”

Old friend to the “Aztec UFO Symposium,” long time researcher “Wendell Stevens” returns this weekend; he will be speaking on “An Insiders Story of Crash Retrievals.”

Producer/Director “Roy Forbes” who has “covered” the Aztec Symposium in past years changes hats and will take the podium this year; he will highlight, some of the lesser-known UFO crashes that have allegedly occurred in the southwest region of the United States.

Completing this year’s line-up is good friend, “Mike Fortson.” I have dubbed Mike as the “reluctant Ufologist”; after witnessing the enormous “V-Shaped” craft (a “life changing event by his own admission) that has erroneously become known as the “Phoenix Lights,” Mike has been on a quest ever since to discover just what he and countless others saw just over 10 years ago in the skies above Arizona.

Due to recent events with former Governor “Fife Symington” (his declaration of seeing the craft himself), Mike has restructured his speech to include this latest news, and what it means to the case.

For a more in-depth view of all the events at this year’s Symposium follow the links below:

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