Sunday, March 25, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Sighting Near Location of Alleged Train/UFO Collision

Reader Submitted Report
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[Name Withheld By Request]

     I just found this site today and was reading the CSX Train inccedend , I live only about nine miles from there and have driven that road several times as just a Sunday drive or to be doing something .

Anyway as for writeing , back when I was dating my now second wife we had returned to her house she still lived with her parents then at Shelby in Pikeville . It was about the Fall of 1992 yes a long time ago but what I saw will allways be as yesturday unless something happens to me , it was the day I actual started beleiveing in UFOs .

It was late at night the pinpoint time eludes me but it was near midnight my now wife went inside for something and I waited outside as I was getting ready to leave for home. I looked up in the sky it was clear not a cloud no where and I noticed a glowing redish orange more orange than red disc shape in the sky off in front of me it was well above the moutians just sitting there not moveing nor making a sound , I quickly noticed two more in differant parts of the sky just seconds after seeing the frist , because of the out of place color . I watched these disc back and forth for maybe tow mins and all of the sudden they all three moved at the same seemly rate of speed to each other ( not as one but how do I say this it didn't resembly a formation , but just as being with each other ) and as they got with each other they accelerated away at a speed I have no words to desribe . They where high enough in the sky I could see for out of human sight but they didn't just travel and go out of sight they where moveing like the speed you would note a human plane then Wow they where gone .

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