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"U.S. Air Force General Confirmed to Hon. Paul Hellyer" - Roswell Crash Happened!

Flying Saucer Crash
UFO Technology Could Provide Climate Change Solutions: Former Canadian Defense Minister


After a retired U.S. Air Force General confirmed to Hon. Paul Hellyer that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash took place, Hellyer went public about what he knows of the cover-up. He says that he spoke out because the policy implications affect every nation on Earth. He suggests that the world community should find ways to establish contact with advanced civilizations to find out what we can learn from them that will help us save our planet, save our civilization from coming global environmental challenges caused by climate change.
Paul Hellyer Sml     Toronto, Canada (PRWeb) February 25, 2007 -- A former Minister of National Defense of Canada believes that advanced technology from extraterrestrial civilizations could help all nations put an end to our addiction to oil, and reduce greenhouse gases.

Hon. Paul Hellyer will be further discussing his views at an upcoming screening of a new documentary exposing an alleged UFO cover-up in Toronto on March 7, 2007.

Hellyer first went public about UFOs when he spoke at the Toronto Exopolitics Symposium in September 2005. He stated that a retired U.S. Air Force General confirmed to him that the 1947 Roswell UFO crash took place and originated from an advanced humanoid intelligent extraterrestrial civilization.

A video of his presentation can be seen online:

Hellyer is not new to controversy. While serving as Defense Minister under Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, the famous Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, he oversaw the controversial integration and unification of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and the Royal Canadian Air Force into a single organization, the Canadian Forces.

Despite the fact that some UFO reports came to his desk while Defense Minister between 1963 and 1967, Hellyer says he was too busy to further investigate, or to pay much attention.

Files from the Canadian government confirm that five government departments have been involved in collecting data and conducting investigations on UFOs since 1947: the Department of Transport, Department of Communications, Department of National Defence, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the National Research Council. For more information, see:

Hellyer says that he only started taking the issue more seriously after watching Peter Jennings' ABC News Prime Time two hour special on UFOs in February 2005.

Jennings reported that the U.S. government and military had put together the Robertson Panel and Project Blue Book, in the 1950s, as a public relations effort to diminish the hysteria over UFOs at the time, and not as a serious investigation. See:

Jennings interviewed more than 150 witnesses and scientists, including one of the leading theoretical physicists in the world, Dr. Michio Kaku. Kaku said that Einstein's theory of relativity left us with the possibility that alien civilizations could have transcended the fabric of space and time through a "wormhole," also known as an "Einstein-Rosen Bridge." See:

As per Webster's dictionary, a "wormhole" is defined as a "hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that is essentially a 'shortcut' from one point in the universe to another point in the universe, allowing travel between them that is faster than it would take light to make the journey through normal space."

"Maybe there's nothing there," said Kaku. "However, on that off chance that there is something there, that could literally change the course of human history. So I say let this investigation begin."

Indeed, Hellyer decided to let the investigation begin after he watched Jennings' show. He read the controversial book "The Day After Roswell" by the late Col. Philip Corso, a former Pentagon official who served directly under General Arthur Trudeau in the 1960s. Corso later worked for and befriended the late U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, a longtime friend of the Bush family.

In a July 1997 interview on the Art Bell Coast to Coast AM radio show, Corso provided extensive direct testimony of his top secret role in helping to reverse-engineer UFO technologies retrieved from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. To listen to this interview online, visit:

In late summer of 2005, Hellyer contacted a retired U.S. Air Force General, a family acquaintance, and was told that undeniably, Corso was telling the truth. He was also told that there was more to the story but that it was still highly classified, and he could not yet disclose it.

Hellyer felt compelled to go public about what he had learned so far, and he did. His September 2005 disclosure triggered a countless amount of newspaper coverage and an overwhelming number of interview requests from international media outlets. He appeared on well known radio and TV shows, including a December 2005 primetime interview with Tucker Carlson on MSNBC that can be viewed online:

On May 9th 2006, Hellyer held a press conference in Toronto with Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project (, a nonprofit research project with over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information top secret.

Relating to climate change and extraterrestrial civilizations' advanced non-polluting technologies, Hellyer said:

"What I want is what a lot of the members of the Exopolitics Institute want, is to try and make contact and say: 'What can we learn from you that will help us save our planet, save our civilization, reduce some of the disparity between the wealthiest people in the world and the poorest, and give us more abundant life for everyone here."

To view the online video of this press conference, see:

In June 2006, Hellyer was the keynote speaker at a world peace conference in Hawaii. Speaking about climate change, advanced technology retrieved from extraterrestrial civilizations, and the lucrative oil industry, he said:

"The financial stakes couldn't be higher, but they still pale in comparison to saving the planet for the benefit of future generations. There is no doubt that the adjustment in moving away from oil dependency would be unprecedented. But it doesn't have to be accomplished overnight... By international agreement it could be done over 10, 20, or even 30 years, and that would be fast enough to save the planet from disaster."

To view a video of his presentation online, see:
Hellyer will be further addressing the implications of disclosure during a scheduled talk at the coming screening of a new documentary titled "Fastwalkers" in Toronto on March 7, 2007, at 7pm, at De La Salle College Theatre.

He will be joined by Robert Miles, Producer of the documentary, and Stephen G. Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group -- Washington DC. For more information, visit:

The film features over 30 witnesses testifying to their direct knowledge of the reality of UFOs and the cover-up, ranging from former military and government intelligence personnel, to major airline pilots, nuclear and optical physicists, and others. It also explores some of the spiritual and religious implications of the disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

The media can contact Victor Viggiani for free advanced seating and for interviews. The general public can get further information about purchasing tickets for this screening by visiting:

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