Wednesday, February 07, 2007

UFOs Reported Outside Gila Bend

Flying Saucer Dropping Flares
Mystery Lights


     A disappointment for UFO believers in Arizona last night.

Police received a bunch of calls about these four strange lights hovering just above the horizon.

The lights, captured by this home video, could be seen for miles.

It turns out the lights were military flares dropped on the Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range outside Gila Bend.

The base says the amber flares are used as targets.

It was a training exercise out of the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma.

The FAA also reported Luke Air Force Base had six F-16s that were also out on the range practicing ground atacks and they were also using flares.


  1. About two and a half years ago I was driving to Yuma from Tucson AZ at about 1-2 am. About 15-30 minutes West of Gila Bend I saw to my left a ball of light in the sky. This was very large and so high that the light reflected against the thin clouds above it. Soon about three more light up just the same, then another group of three, about eight bright ball lights altogether.

    They were not in line but were at different distances. Then one suddenly appeared directly ahead of me above the road. It was huge because it was so close. Considering it was about the same height as the Sirius clouds, I guess it was 10-20k in altitude. It could have been lower since it was so large. It looked solid and did not flicker. Sort of like the sun.

    I drove toward it and as I was leaning against my steering wheel to look up and as it was directly above my car, it went totally dark, like you flipped off the switch of a light. There was no sound and I think it was odd that just when I was close enough to get a really good look at it, it disappeared.

    I have tried to make sense of what I saw. For one, I lived for 10 years by Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, Arkansas and then moved to Fort Smith Arkansas where I lived nearby Fort Chaffee. I am no stranger to Military flares, landing lights, balloons, parachuting, night maneuvers, jet/aircraft target practice etc..

    Although I am not saying they were Aliens from outer space. They were definitely not typical lights. For one, they did not float down, move, smoke, blink, change altitude or fade out like flares do. They were either on or off and had a reddish/gold amber fire to them. I suspect they may be a type of light that is used by an aircraft, such as a balloon because they never changed height, fall or float down (maybe a zeppelin).

    It was so bright that if I were trying to see any testing on the range, even if I had night vision glasses, I could not see what was behind them, but I could see what was above, beside and below. Although I make reason of this in my mind considering it is a military proving ground, I think it is odd that the lights were so bright that I could see the clouds. I do not think a military jet needs that kind of intensity to target practice. Especially since jets do not need lights to see and battle.

    I suspect secret military testing of something they want to make sure we do not see, which I completely support since the national secrets of the past is what has made our military strong today. I asked many people in Yuma, AZ the next morning if they knew of or ever see these lights. Not one said they have. We all know that our military is always having target practice so I think it is strange these lights are not seen more often.

    Well, this was my experience and it was true.

  2. I have also seen the same lights aound Gila Bend. The main difference is that when the flare like lights were going off, barely visible around them were smaller lights flying in all directions. There were three other people with me when we saw this as well as about 20 people who had all stopped to watch the lights as well. All of the lights that were going around the flare like lights were moving in ways that I have never seen an air craft move before, and it seemed that the brighter the smaller lights got the more flare like lights would be up in the air. These so called flares were also flying in all directions and would stay lit for more then 30 minutes without falling to the ground. I truly believe many people have seen this same thing in this same area.


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