Wednesday, February 07, 2007

British Ufologist 'Roy Lake' Passes Away

By Frank Warren


We've just been notified that "Roy Lake's reported death" was an apparent malicious hoax! Upon hearing this erroneous information, several friends contacted Mr. Lake, and to their relief, he confirmed that he is well, and his work will continue. That said, we will leave the following "premature and mistaken obit" as a tribute to the man and his efforts--FW
Roy Lake (Sml)     London’s favorite UFO researcher, “Roy Lake” has passed away from complications after suffering a stroke, writes “John Hayes” of UFOINFO.

Mr. Lake was a veteran of Ufology of over 50 years; aside from in-depth research/investigation into the matter, Lake was also a lecturer as well as a promoter of UFO conferences in an effort to educate the public on the phenomenon.

Most recently Mr. Lake held the position (for over fourteen years) as chairman of “London UFO Studies” (LUFOS), a non-profit organization borne for the research/investigation/study of the UFO phenomenon. He was a popular guest on various radio/TV shows in England, including:
· The James Whale Show,
· Live TV
· The Why Files?
· London Weekend TV
· LBC Radio
· Radio 1
· Sky news
Also included in Mr. Lake’s activities were regular “Skywatches”’ these were held in the London vicinity, and any notable sightings we be discussed at scheduled meetings.

With the passing of Mr. Lake, there now exists a great void in Ufology; he was an excellent investigator/researcher determined to enlighten the public on these matters; his long time devotion to the subject as well as his enthusiasm has earned him the label, “London’s favorite UFO researcher.” He is described as a “good friend” to many, and will be sorely missed by all who graced his presence.

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  1. Miss those days at Walthamstow and Barking. Remember Docklands and Norfolk ?


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