Tuesday, February 27, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Executive Producer, Steve Lantz - "I have Seen The Phoenix Lights!"

Phoenix Lights - Steve Lantz Sighting 1 (Crpd)
By Steve Lantz
[Steve is an award-winning filmmaker with credits on numerous productions. His thorough understanding of every aspect of filmmaking comes from direct experience, as he has worn just about every hat you could wear on a production.

. . . His latest film, The Phoenix Lights Documentary, has won several international awards and nominations, including Best Director and Best Documentary and has been exhibited at numerous theaters, conferences and film festivals across the United States and several countries.]

Steve Lantz Head Shot     My wife Fran and I were in Nashville on business. We decided to take an earlier flight back to Sacramento which happened to stop through Phoenix. Originally, we were supposed to be on a later flight that had a stopover in Ontario, California. Whether it was dumb luck or "meant to be" we ended up briefly stopping through Phoenix and shortly after takeoff as I was looking towards the Estrella Mountain range (I always look at the Estrella's whenever I fly into Phoenix), two amber orbs suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a side-by-side formation at approximately 8:15pm local Phoenix time.

The orbs were visible for a minute or so then blinked out as 3 jets flew over (the jets were coming from the direction of Luke AFB), then the orbs blinked on again after the jets passed by. I studied them intently as our plane, a Boeing 737-400, made a turn to the northwest. The lights blinked out at the point where I could no longer see them from my window as our plane approached the north end of Phoenix, near Sun City. I thought this was the end of the show, then suddenly the orbs appeared again, this time in a totally different location far northwest of Glendale at approximately 8:17pm. The same two amber orbs I saw over the Estrella Mountains appeared in the same side-by-side formation, very bright and distinct from all other light sources.

They were definitely above ground and seemed to be quite a distance away because they barely moved in relation to our plane's movement. I don't want to say they appeared just for my benefit, but it almost seemed that way. I had a perfect view of them outside my window and I studied them very carefully. Fran saw them too. They blinked out exactly the way they did in Dr. Lynne's videos.

I am thrilled I finally saw them for myself not only for validation, but also to have the opportunity to view them in person and analyze them with everything I know. Fran and I were probably the only two people on the plane who noticed them and I speculate that not many people on the ground witnessed them either because they only appeared for a couple of minutes at two different locations, then blinked out. They did not appear to be aircraft, flares or any natural phenomenon. What is most significant is that they appeared identically in two different locations and I had an incredible bird's eye view on a perfectly clear night. The glow from Los Angeles in the distance helped illuminate the sky and made it easy to see the horizon and topography.

This is the first time I ever witnessed anything like this and now I can finally say...


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