Wednesday, January 31, 2007

UFO Photos From Military To Be Shown at Tenth International Days Of Ufology

Pilot Chasing UFO
Viña del Mar: They will exhibit videos of ufos in military exercises

La Segunda

     During the “Tenth International Days of Ufology” held at “Viña del Mar,” UFOs filmed by the military during various exercises will exhibited.

“One of the more impressive images that will be exhibited is that of a UFO flying over boats at Escuadra Nacional en Iquique; helicopters were sent up to intercept the objects,” explained Rodrigo Fuenzalida, National Director of “The Association of Ufological Investigations of Chili,” who will also be in attendance.

The investigator will present/display several exhibitions, centering on the implications of the “UFO phenomenon,” from the audio-visual evidence compiled in the last ten years and the theoretical possibilities in regards to the origin of the UfOs.

The main subject of the Days of Ufology is the association with the military world, for this reason important audio-visual material will appear that it has been obtained by members of the different branches from the army, et al.

Fuenzalida indicated that the most impressive material is the one of Escuadra Nacional, “but also there is a sighting in a military parade, where a UfO appears in close proximity to the helicopters that flew over the sector; the images are very clear,”

The investigator added that the impact on the population in reference to the existence of UFOs will also be discussed.

“He has discovered that the new generations have a greater opening to the technological changes and therefore to the information related to UfOs”, he explained.

He added that “numerous sightings are observed by totally skeptical people, who radically change their ideologies,” which he sees as a “good thing.”

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