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O'Hare UFO Witness Appears in Silhouette on CNN

O'Hare UFO Witness in Silhouette

O'Hare UFO Sketch

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     Mainstream media’s interest in the “O’Hare UFO Incident” hasn’t waned yet; the latest to jump in on the UFO bandwagon was/is Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360° aired by CNN.

Interesting to note that on CNN’s web-site for Cooper’s show, it’s described as follows:
“ . . . a fast-moving, surprising and provocative alternative to the typical network evening newscast. Backed by the global resources of CNN.”
For this particular episode nothing could be further from the truth; this broadcast couldn’t be anymore typical in regards to the media’s handling of the UFO subject, certainly wasn’t provocative, and by no means was a surprise! Moreover, if skeptic Joe Nickell is considered to be one of CNN’s “global resources,” then one can imagine the caliber of this particular segment!

To be honest, up until now, I have looked at Anderson Cooper as a breath of fresh air in regards to television journalism; I must admit I was anticipating at the very least a serious look into the matter; however, Cooper followed the same path as those before him (historically speaking) in making light of the incident. This by the way is concerning an unidentified, unauthorized aircraft directly over the second busiest airport in our nation; witnessed by several airport personnel! All this in a post 911 world during a period when our nation is at war!

It didn’t take long to realize that investigative journalism was going to go by the wayside in regards to this segment; in my view, it was transparent this was a ratings ploy by CNN since this story is so hot right now!

Right out of the gate as Cooper was priming the pump for the segment, he immediately painted it with a Roswell brush. Rather then take a construct view of this incident; he immediately attaches an alien stigma to it! Given the disparaging questions that would follow by the boots on the ground reporter, Gary Tuchman, and later a commentary by known debunker Joe Nickell it would seem, in my view, there was willful intent in steering the viewer to a particular conclusion.

The first question out of Tuchman’s mouth was, “You don't believe this was possibly your imagination?” (Ad nauseum).

Tuchman’s tone and further questioning was typical of what Americans come to expect from the mainstream media when they broach the subject of UFOs. (Which is a rare phenomenon unto itself). Usually, (at least as of late) the rib-poking and guffaws and altogether light approach to the subject is associated with a distant light in the sky; in this instance it’s about a“structured craft over a very busy airport (second only to Atlanta), witnessed by trained airport personal. One would think that in a post 911 world, and a nation that is constantly being reminded that it is at war, the attitude by those in the media, particularly that of CNN, would be more of a concerned, investigative, unbiased position—especially when it concerns at the very least unauthorized aircraft over one of our nations airports!

I found the segment to be disheartening to say the least—you be the judge:
COOPER: Such a strange story.

Another mystery in the sky, this time here in the states. You may have heard about the strange sighting over O'Hare International Airport. Could Chicago be the new Roswell, New Mexico? That's what some are asking.

CNN's Gary Tuchman talked to one of the airport workers about what he says he saw.


GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Flights come to Chicago's O'Hare Airport from all over the world. But do they come from other worlds?

(on camera) You don't believe this was possibly your imagination?

"JOE", AIRPLANE MECHANIC: It was definitely not my imagination.

TUCHMAN: (voice-over): Joe is a mechanic for United Airlines. While taxing a jumbo jet to the hangar, he and another mechanic...

JOE: Looked out the window in the general direction and noticed an object up in the sky, dark gray object, sitting above the terminal complex.

TUCHMAN: Joe, which is not his real name, is one of several airport workers, some of whom have talked to the "Chicago Tribune", who said they saw a saucer-shaped UFO hovering just beneath the clouds at the airport.

He's the first to go on camera to talk about it since this happened several weeks ago. He wants to remain anonymous.

(on camera) But you're sure it was some kind of object that normally would not be above O'Hare Airport?

JOE: I've been at O'Hare for quite some time. And let's just say that I've never seen an object in my time that looked like this. And I'll tell you definitely it was not an airplane as we know it.

TUCHMAN: But it could be an airplane as another world knows it?

JOE: Possibly.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): We brought in one of Chicago's top sketch artists...

JOE: Followed the contours of the object.

TUCHMAN: ... to listen to Joe and draw a picture of what he says he saw.

JOE: More like an oval, dark gray oval.

TUCHMAN: Because no photos have surfaced, and Joe doesn't know of any.

(on camera): It didn't say "Goodyear" on it, did it?

JOE: No "Goodyear," no.

That's a really good drawing.

TUCHMAN: That's what it looks like?

JOE: Very much so, yes.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): Other witnesses told an organization called the National UFO Reporting Center that the object eventually shot straight up in the sky at a great rate of speed.

JOE: It looked like literally someone had poked a hole in the clouds, just a round hole.

TUCHMAN: Joe thinks the disk is either a stealthy military project or a spacecraft from another planet. But... Joe I find it very strange or very peculiar that somebody who possesses the technology to travel between star systems would sit over an airport in Chicago.

TUCHMAN: Hard to argue that.

A spokesperson for United Airlines says, "We are aware of what the employees said they saw, but this is not something United would investigate." Talk to the FAA, says the airline.

The TSA and the Chicago Department of Aviation also told us to talk to the FAA. So we did. And an FAA spokesperson told us, "We, too, don't have the power to investigate." The FAA adds that radar did not pick up anything out of the ordinary and the sighting might have been caused by a weather phenomenon.

(on camera) You don't believe it was a weather phenomenon?

JOE: Not at all. Not for a minute.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): O'Hare has apparently been UFO free since that November afternoon, although Joe now tends to pay special attention to that same patch of airport sky.

Gary Tuchman, CNN, Chicago.


COOPER: As you heard in Gary's piece, the FAA says what the airport worker saw was most likely caused by a weather phenomenon. But the workers are still not convinced.

Earlier, I spoke with Joe Nichol, investigative columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine.


COOPER: You know, Joe, as we just heard a lot of these witnesses say they saw a dark gray saucer flying under the clouds. What could this be?

JOE NICHOL, COLUMNIST, "SKEPTICAL INQUIRER": No one seems to know, and that's the thing about unidentified flying objects. They're real in the sense that, yes, people see things, and they don't know what they are.

The problem is, you can't infer from an "I don't know" that you do know. You can't say I don't know what it is and then, therefore, it's an extraterrestrial craft.

There really are all kinds of things, Anderson, in the sky, from weather balloons, all kinds of atmospheric phenomena, meteors, space debris, secret government planes, various blimps, not all of them with "Goodyear" on it. And we see these under strange and unusual conditions, and oftentimes we don't know what they are. COOPER: Do you simply not believe that extraterrestrials exist, or do you hold it out as a possibility, but you just want to see the evidence?

NICHOL: Belief is not really a word that science uses a lot. That's -- that's a different domain. But really there may be extraterrestrials. No one can deny that there -- there could be.

The question is, are extraterrestrials visiting the planet earth? And to date we have a huge amount of evidence that they are, but it's very, very poor evidence. It's not...

COOPER: You look at -- you look back at Roswell in 1947. That's probably the thing that a lot of people cite as probably the most famous unidentified flying object. You were just down in the Mohave investigating. What did you find out?

NICHOL: Well, we did a test in the Mohave Desert relating to the Roswell, New Mexico, crash, as you mentioned, in 1947. And we think we know exactly what crashed on Mack Brazel's ranch.

He came into town and talked about finding this strange debris. And it was -- he described it as foil paper, sticks, string, tape, and rubber. And we now know that a secret United States government spy balloon from Project Mogul was missing in that area.

And if you look at photographs of the wreckage and compare it to Mogul wreckage, it's very clear that that's what it was. It was a spy balloon.

COOPER: There's also this video from a couple of years ago. The Mexican air force I guess it was, released a video. They said it was -- it was 11 unidentified objects that they shot. We're looking at it.

NICHOL: 2004?


NICHOL: Yes. Those are oil well flares in the Bay of Campeche. They have been clearly identified now.

This is -- this is instructive for us because what happens is somebody sees something. They don't know what it is. Sometimes they have video for us to look at. It gets a huge amount of attention, all of which promotes the idea that there are UFOs. Then people do the hard work and figure out what it is, and that, nobody's interested then, and it sort of fades away.

So we're always getting these new, fresh reports as we're doing now. And by the time we -- we figure it out, if we do, there may be less interest.

COOPER: And yet there are always people who will believe, until I guess proven otherwise. Joe, it's good to talk to you again. Joe Nichol, thanks. NICHOL: Same here, Anderson. Thank you.



  1. Agreed. The mainstream press does nothing but either ignore or backhand slap anyone, any group or any entity at all that attempts to come forward and make light of any UFO sighting or contact experience that may be, without any other origin, natural or man made. The transcripts point out in this case, more than equal time was given to the "registered skeptic". In fact, don't these people always come off with an air of intellectual superiority? So certain of themselves that they attempt to definitivly identify something that they themselves did not witness, no matter how qualified the initial observer may or may not have been? Do they not also drag out the same "evidence" to point out how wrong anyone who disagrees is?

    Yhea, so they mention the Mexican FLIR footage. People see that and think "WTF is that?". That was almost certainly the thermal signature of gas being burned off of offshore oil rigs. That is what investigation is for. It did its job. Most rational people will agree, for that matter there are those who will believe anything, hell there were people who believed that David Koresh was the son of god and followed him into death. Well, like most of "those who want to believe too much" in ufology, they are the small majority, the nutcases who are pointed out and ridiculed. The vast majority of people involved in UFOlogy are more objective than that, and deserve more credit than to be grouped in with those few nutjobs who think they were abducted by Spock and are carrying a half-vulcan love child.

    What about the Mexico City mass sightings that occured in the early 90's multiple times, all well documented by literally thousands of videos and photographs and witnessed by millions? The skeptics hardly ever use that as a counterpoint. I challenge any one of them to debunk those incidents with anything more tangible than weather balloons or the work of hoaxers. Those two possible debunkings are absolutely impossible in the face of the evidence. Its also of noth that while picked up by the Mexican media and reported extensively, it took several years for this information to be even mentioned by the mainstream US press. And then it was not presented in its entirety, recieving a 15 second blurb and the crappiest photo they could find on the evening news right before Wheel of Fortune comes on.

    OK, off my soapbox.

  2. It helps to understand, that in all liklihood, Anderson Cooper works for the CIA.

    No this isn't a fantasy/paranoid vibe. Google Anderson Cooper, he attended "training sessions" at CIA headquarters while attending Yale - the birthplace of the CIA. While he maintains he "dropped out" of the program, the 'company', as CIA employees call it, is a lot like the mafia, nobody ever really leaves.

    He has traveled extensively overseas as a "jounalist" a normal CIA cover. The Church Commision, a congressional body performing hearings during Watergate, uncovered the fact that the CIA had extensive ties to the media and CIA agents worked as journalist and other positions within the corporate media of the day. There is no indication that this practice has ever ceased to be true.

    It makes sense, I caught the end of this segment on TV and it sure looked like a spin job to me. The StarTrek soundtrack and flashing overhead light ring, were certainly not the tools of serious journalism.

    CNN became a CIA organ when TimeWarner bought them, Google Clare Booth Luce - the founder of Time, if you want a good spook story.

    So don't expect news from CNN on this or any other story. Their job is spin and churn. They move on before someone notices the flaws in the last 'story'.


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