Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ohare UFO - Maybe
By Frank Warren

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     As far as I can tell this image was recently (a few hours ago) posted on the ATS (Above Top Secret) UFO Forum. The subscriber writes, “the person who sent this to me claims he shot this at the airport” [O’Hare].

Here is the object enhanced & cropped:

Ohare UFO - Maybe (Enhanced - Cropped)
Here is the entire pic with the object isloated and enhanced:

Ohare UFO - Maybe (Enhanced - Crpd)


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

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  2. looks like a football to me. Not sure that's O'hare either, I live about 2 blocks away.

  3. If you are all really serious about proving UFOs exist, buy a 12 megapixel camera that also shoots 1080p HD video, carry it where ever you go and the next time you see a UFO, take some crisp photo's and footage.

    Also be sure to upload them asap if it's a mass sighting so the gov't can't take them away.

    I'm sick of all these grainy photo's claiming to be "real evidence"


  4. There is no such thing a "convincing photo" or video footage. The ubiquity of digital cameras has matched that of ways in which to manipulate their images.

    Short of a landing type event, where someone has the presence of mind to shoot footage rather than stand in awe- this is a near impossibility, especially given the suspected rarity of such events.

    A handful of "UFO watchers" carrying HD cameras will not provide the impatient and ill-considered what they are looking for. Better evidence exists that this- live radar footage, official documents and, best of all, several different types of this evidence that support each other.

  5. Good Day dukemedia_UK,

    Thanks for taking time to make comment. I agree with your assessment with one proviso: the rule applies in general for photographs, videos, etc., on their own merits, or by themselves.

    A photograph et al as a "component of evidence," e.g., eyewitnesses, radar, physical evidence and or "measured" effects etc., adds to the preponderance of said evidence (presuming all the evidence is congruent respectively).


  6. The only time that irrefutable evidence occurs is when you see it with your own eyes, close up and personal. Then it doesn't matter whether you have a camera or not, or whether anyone else saw it or not. Only then will you as an individual know with 100% certainty that they are real and not from this planet. At that point in your life the scale of the deceipt becomes immediately obvious, and from then on every official report, every news item ridiculing sightings, and every conversation about them becomes an irrelevance, as you as an individual will 'know' the truth. What anyone else says or does is meaningless.

    1. you as an individual will 'know' the truth. What anyone else says or does is meaningless.

      Absolutely agree!

  7. Unless,as you correctly point out, it's a personal experience. I know the truth.


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