Tuesday, January 23, 2007

National Geographic Solves Roswell UFO Enigma!

Roswell Myth

By Frank Warren

     Who would have thought that after all these years; all the investigative work, countless investigators, declassified documents, eye witness testimony, newspaper reports and (4) different stories from the military that National Geographic would be the one to set the record straight in regards to the “Roswell Incident!”

Yes folks, that’s right . . . turns out it was only “scotch tape and balsa wood" (where have I heard that before). In case you missed it, NG aired, “Under Cover History: The Real Roswell” ad nauseum; it airs again tomorrow night—grab a bucket or a plastic bag—don’t miss it!

I have to admit that I was looking forward to seeing what I understood to be a documentary . . . I mean it is/was National Geographic and all! However, a documentary is a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event, and allows the viewer to interpret what he or she is assimilating—not so in tonight’s episode—there was a message . . . nay a definitive conclusion i.e., Ufologists are pietistic, cultists if you will, incapable of seeing the truth! Witnesses are demented, and have succumbed to age and the senility that accompanies it, and finally the military, and or the powers-that-be are true blue and were only keeping “Project Mogul” secret . . . you know national security and all! There’s a little irony that this episode aired a couple of hours after another bona fide speaker was at the podium!

Initially, I was pleased to see Dennis (Balthaser) and Stan (Friedman) figuring so prominently throughout the show; however, that delight turned to disdain once it became clear that the producers of the show had a goal to accomplish! To the layperson, one might come away thinking that these two longtime researchers were either in agreement with the end conclusion i.e., a "scotch taped balsa wood Mogul Balloon," or they’re incompetent as intimated by the narrator! I assure you neither is the case!

Quite frankly, this show, this type of production is a reminder for those serious researcher/investigators to stipulate "signing off" on a project only after one sees the end product!

The innuendo, the off-putting adjectives and the point blank misinformation and falsehoods is not anything new, for those of us who pay attention to these things; however, I’m sure I’m in good company when I say that we hold National Geographic and the work they do to a “higher standard.”

For any Ufologists reading this . . . if you’re getting a feeling that someone is watching you—don’t fret, it’s only Phil and Karl looking down and getting one last laugh!

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