Monday, January 29, 2007

Ice Falls From the Sky, Totals Car


FOX 13

     TAMPA - You probably see ice just about everyday—but not in a big block that has fallen from the sky and totaled a parked car.

But it happened on Hilldrop Court in Town 'n Country around 9:30 Sunday morning.

Neighbors woke up to something they never thought they’d see.

“Came out to find a large piece of ice sitting on the car, and ice all over the place,” said neighbor John Young.

The damaged car, a Ford Mustang, belongs to Carlos Javage’s son.

“He left the car here overnight, and they called him to tell him a piece of ice had totaled his car, and I told him, he’s crazy,” Javage said.

Police say they checked with air traffic control to see if any planes were flying in the area when the ice hit the car.

But their investigation shows there were none.

So that leaves the question—what happened?

“We’re guessing an airplane, or some weird meteorological phenomenon,” said neighbor John Young.

Ramon Rodriguez was the only one on the block who was there when the ice hit.

“I was in the driveway when I heard a loud noise,” Rodriguez said, in Spanish, through a translator. “Then I looked over and saw the windshield was smashed,” he said.

Neighbors estimate the block weighed at least fifty pounds. Rodriguez says he has no idea where the ice came from, but he definitely heard it fall.

As difficult as this spectacle is to believe, it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

Just one week earlier, two homes were damaged by planes dropping ice. The first was in Philadelphia; the other in San Diego.

In all three incidents, no one was injured

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