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- Strange Craft Unidentified -
Battle of LA

The News
February 26, 1942

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Strange Craft Unidentified - The News, Feb. 26, 1942

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  1. I have a percipient witness, still living today, a gentleman of over 80 of sound mind and body who lived on Dominguez Hill and who, along with his father, actually saw the planes in question on February 25, 1942 casually flying over Dominguez Hill [near Long Beach]. Based on the photos in the newspapers I too felt it was a UFO. However, as much as I would like to believe they/it were/was UFO's, my witness and his dad saw the Japanese "hinomaru" [rising sun] on the wings. They both confirmed it. Further, it was not just one plane, it was many.

    One also has to wonder why General DeWitt failed to scramble fighter planes to attack the so-called invading aircraft. It strains credibility that we would not send up our fighter planes to challenge the bogies. It is conceivable that the contacts/bogies were either 1) American planes with hinomaru painted on the wings, or 2) the Japanese did a trial run to test our defenses and went back to their birdfarm[s]. However, the Japanese alleged they never exercised an such fly-over LA ever. While this aspect of this reply is speculation, it would at least appear there was/were no UFO/UFOs on that date; unless the bogies were joined by interstellar craft. In any event, keep an open mind. Thank you.

  2. Greetings Stately Steward,

    Thank you for taking the time to make such an interesting post.

    Please e-mail me "off-Blog" at:

    To your comment:

    Through our research, we've come across more then a few witnesses who have seen planes; some of the "period" newspapers claim planes were up in the air (others said "no").

    I have no doubt (based on my own research) that there were indeed planes in the air--they were ours!

    First, let's set the stage:

    This event occurred 2 1/2 months after Pearl Harbor; coastal defenses were being amped up! Target practice occurred daily (plane towing target being shot at with the 3" AA guns; air-raid drills were practiced, etc.)

    Now we have an object detected on RADAR off the coast heading our direction; sirens sound, a blackout is ordered, and all the preparations are being made for the inevitable attack on the West Coast!

    In my mind, it would have been unconscionable for the powers-that-be "not" to have sent planes up immediately, particularly, after the lesson learned at Pearl.

    So yes, planes were aloft--ours!

    In regards to "any markings" on "any planes":

    The common consensus in regards to the the "altitude of the UFO" was that it was at approx. 8000 ft.; presumably, any attack planes would have been at or near that altitude in order to intercept the intruder; methinks that "any markings" at that height, at night, with 3" AA guns going off, and search light beams combing the night sky . . . wouldn't have been identifiable, if they could be seen at all. (Remembering that a "Zero had a wingspan of of under 40', and the length was 30').

    Additionally, we now know where all the Japanese military assets (of consequence) were during that time period--there were no aircraft carriers off the west coast. (The I-17 sub-marine which attacked Ellwood the day before was an aircraft carrier for the "Glen"; however it had no aircraft aboard at that time). Moreover, obviously "if" the Japanese "had been able" to launch planes they certainly wouldn't have performed a "sight-seeing mission"--an attack would have occurred, and bombs would have been dropped--this didn't occur!

    Finally, the picture that adorned the LA Times the next morning under computer analysis clearly exhibits an "elliptical shaped" object which confirms "multiple" eye witness accounts of same.

    Knowing where the photograph was taken, as well as approx. altitude of the UFO, along with the specifications/locations of the G.E. and Sperry searchlights that "encapsulated" the object we come up with an approximate size of over 800'.

    So the question is:

    "What man-made object in 1942 was over 800' long, silver in color, and could withstand direct hits by 3" anti-aircraft rounds?

    The answer is:

    Nothing! Nothing then and nothing now.

    Please contact me via the a fore mentioned e-mail address.

    Frank Warren

  3. Scotty Littleton Writes in:

    The reason DeWitt did scramble is because he already had! Those were almost certainly our planes. As the following snippet from a site pointing out errors in the 1943 movie "Air Force" indicates, the insignia on Army planes wasn't changed until August of '42 because it was frequently confused with the Hinamaru, or "meatball," as our WWII pilots dubbed it:

    At the beginning of World War II, U.S. Army Air Corps aircraft insignia was a white star in a blue disc, with a smaller red disc in the middle of the star. According to "The Official Guide to the Army Air Forces," published in May of 1944, "the red disc was removed to prevent confusion with Japanese marking(s)" effective August 18, 1942, eight months after the events in the film take place.

    I should add that the new marking also included the now familiar parallel lines extending on either side of the circle, which persists to this day, which reinforced the difference between ours and theirs. From another source I learned that the Navy and Marines changed to the new marking in late May of '42, but that's still three months before the BofLA. So the bottom line here is that the guy and his father saw the red circles, and assumed they were looking at enemy planes. Remember, it was dark, and one can assume that the people in question were untrained in aircraft observation. But it is interesting that we have yet another living percipient who saw planes in the sky that night---planes that .the military has steadfastly refused to acknowledge. BTW, the same confusion probably explains why the guy in Hollywood said he saw a downed "Jap" plane.


  4. The article above clearly states in the second to last paragraph that some of those arrested afterwards were

    They were Japanese aliens,
    but still....


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