Monday, December 11, 2006

Man in Black

The Press Register

     Craig Myers did what UFO-believers always say newspaper reporters never do when it comes to sightings: He investigated.

The deeper he dug, the more he found that called into question the legitimacy of purported spacecraft flying over Gulf Breeze, Fla.

In his first book, "War of the Words," Myers does more than try to prove the widely reported sightings were a hoax: He leads readers through the process of covering the story for the Pensacola News-Journal in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"As a reporter, there are not many stories like this," he said. "These are the ones you remember. You don't talk to your neighbor across the fence about the utility board meeting."

Myers left the News-Journal in 1995 to join the Press-Register. He is now the Assistant Baldwin Editor.

This story, he said, stuck in his mind. He wanted to let enough time pass to let things cool down and sore feelings to be mended.

Apparently, 15 years still isn't long enough. One of the key characters in the book, Ed Walters, called Myers a "scam guy" when contacted by the Press-Register for this story.

Here's a synopsis of the Gulf Breeze UFO tale:

Sightings of some mysterious item in this Pensacola bedroom community began in 1987 with high-quality photos captured by resident Walters. Hundreds of people came to a field where they reported seeing the unexplainable.

Later, while investigating the claims, Myers discovered a model UFO that had been left in the attic of a home where Walters previously lived. The couple who owned the home handed it over, saying it was the only UFO they'd seen.

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