Monday, November 27, 2006

A World-Wide Congress on UFOs in Argentina

UFO Congress

     A world-wide congress held in Buenos Aires ratified that “foreign civiliztions exist” that will participate in human developement “when the humans advance in spirituality.”

Before about 200 specialists on the subject of UFOs, coming from Mexico, Italy, Colombia and Argentina, among others, several experts arrived with the objective “to prepare humanity for the revelation of the existence of intelligent life beyond the planet”, according to the organization.

Jaime Sampayo, person in charge of Xendras, a Colombian organization dedicated to make events of “expansion of conscience”, explained that the Congress “approached the new conceptions of the world and man to the mass public”.

“A great volume of evidence exists on the existence of foreign civilizations and hidden powers for man that only arrive at certain parts of the society, and we we want it to reach everyone”, Sampayo said.

For Sampayo, this would be “the most important news in the history of the humanity after the coming of Christ”.

Between the most outstanding attendees of the congress, was the Argentinean Fabio Zerpa, historian, psychologist and expert parapsychologist in esoteric subjects, for that the Ufology is “the opening to a new culture of the conscience”.

Zerpa explained that the intervention of the extraterrestrial ones in terrestrial life will occur “when the human beings advance in their spirituality”.

The almost 200 people who attended the event admitted, like the artist and writer Carlos Lleras, they have had previous contacts with beings from other planets.

Lleras explained that more than thirty years ago he was kidnapped by “peace beings, of angelical appearance” and that since then worked for them spreading the knowledge of their presence.

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