Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lies, Damned Lies, and Cover Stories

Cosmos 4
by Asif Siddiqi
Dwayne A. Day
The Space Review

     On March 16, 1962, the Soviet Union launched Cosmos-1, and declared that it was a research satellite with numerous scientific research objectives. A month later, the Soviets launched Cosmos-4, which was reportedly another scientific satellite. In reality, Cosmos-4 was the first successful Soviet reconnaissance satellite.

Over the next three decades the Soviets continued to launch satellites in the Cosmos series, over 2,400 of them—an amazing number of scientific satellites. However, Western observers had determined very early on that Cosmos was merely a cover, a generic classification used by the Soviet Union to conceal the identities of their spacecraft. A Cosmos designation could cover a radar ocean reconnaissance satellite or a failed moon probe. Its purpose was to confuse western observers of Soviet space launches. At this job it was only partially successful.

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