Monday, November 20, 2006

Columbia: Couple Records Image of UFO in Nechí

UFO Over Antioqueño de Nechí
Caracol Radio

     Last Friday at 10:55, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was sighted in the municipality Antioqueño of Nechí.

First to witness the event was Doña Ana Madera; she was on the third floor of her home, and immediately called to her husband, Hipólito Zola; both observed the strange circular object with red and yellow hues that was static in the firmament for over 5 minutes.

The pair alerted their neighbors and then got their video camera with which they have proof of the appearance of the UfO.

“It was a large circle that could be viewed from the camera easily. Nevertheless, we were scared because we thought that it was a meteor ", reported Hipólito Sola to Caracol Radio.

Mr. Zola declared that the neighbors who were asleep that night and didn’t see the strange UFO, have been coming to his house to watch the video and “many were terrified, even the commander of the Police of Nechí”.

The UfO remained in the sky, says Don Hipólito, until the 11:15 at night of that unforgettable Friday for the inhabitants of Nechí, a population located to 10 hours of Medellín, in a vehicle.

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