Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Revelations Will Be Made Today On The Subject of UFOs

UFO Over Costa Rica
By Juan Pablo Carranza
Al Dia Nacionales

     Tonight in Escaz├║, UFO enthusiasts from all over the world will meet to listen to ├ôscar Sierra, an expert investigator regarding extraterrestrial visitations in Costa Rica.

The event will take place at the meeting hall at “Big Mike’s” in Los Anonos.

Photographs, video and other documentation will be presented in support of alien visitation in the country.

Gilda Aburto, a nationally renown Ufologist comments that Sierra has been investigating the UFO phenomenon in Costa Rica for over twenty years, and any events relating to it, including alleged alien abduction.
“Wherever a UFO has been seen, Oscar has been there; he is very enthusiastic, and will be presenting some very revealing material at this conference,” commented the expert, who added that the subject will be dealt with utmost seriousness.

If you would like to attend, and or would like more information regarding the event, please call: 289-6333 or 289-6087.

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