Friday, October 20, 2006

Fire in The Sky: Flare Falls From Nellis Aircraft

Flare Drop
News 3

     Nellis Air Force Base will be answering a lot of questions after putting on a light show in North Las Vegas. It happened around 8:30 Wednesday night near Las Vegas Boulevard and Civic Center.

At first, many people thought they were watching a plane crash, but Nellis says a flare fell from an A10 aircraft. One witness grabbed their camera phone and started recording the falling flare. Luckily, it didn't hit any people or homes, but neighbors say it gave them quite a scare.

"We were just standing out, just talking a group of us and all of a sudden a aircraft flew across and we saw a big flare coming down and we didn't know what it was and everybody started pointing and then as it continued to fall down the line just above our heads people started to run for cover," said witness Curtis Martin.

The military uses illumination flares to light up targets at night.

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