Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"UFO Updates" is Down - Strange Days Indeed!

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By Frank Warren

     Sometime Monday, Errol's Bruce's Knapps web-site "The Virtually Strange Network" which is the parent site for his ground breaking UFO radio program "Strange Days Indeed," along with the archives for the most heralded "UFO Updates List," (a hand operated e-mail subscription list) has gone down.

Visitors to the URL see the "Account Temporarily Disabled" notice; Ufologist "Don Ledger" who contacted Errol stated that he (Errol) was having "a problem with his domain host" and hopes to have it remedied ASAP.

Along with "Strange Days" (SDI), "UFO Updates" has for years been what I call the "Virtual Pub" of Ufology; one can stop in and not be surprised to bump into the leaders in the field from literally all over the world; Ufologists such as, Friedman, Hall, Maccabee, Pope, Randle etc., can be found debating the issues.

The information contained in the pages of the archives for "Updates" is a bounty of Ufological information, and is a powerful tool in the ongoing research of the "UFO Phenomenon"; it's a "must read" for abecedarians looking into the subject, and a "encyclopedia," if you will, for the veteran researcher.

For the many now going into "Updates withdrawal," the sooner the site is restored--the better!

UPDATE:Theeeeeyrrrre Back!

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